Crochet Braid Hair Cost: Hope for a Style to Slay!!

Crochet braid hair prices vary depending on criteria such as brand, type of hair, length, and quality. 

  • Prices for human hair or weave range between $150 and $250. 
  • The price fluctuates, depending on the ounce, quantity, or seller. 
  • Crochet braids in a hair salon cost around $115, with prices varying depending on extra services such as shampooing.

Know more about how much crochet braid hair is, and embrace the confidence that comes with hair to slay! Then, gurl this article’s got you.

Key Take Aways 

  • The average price range for crochet braid hair is $20 to $40 depending on hair type and length.
  • Factors like brand, length, and hair texture affect the cost of crochet braid hair.
  • Synthetics significantly cost less than Human Hair extensions.

Average Price Range for Crochet Braid Hair

Average Price Range for Crochet Braid Hair

A Crochet braid is a protective hairstyle that easily adds volume and length to your natural hair. The price of crochet braid hair depends on hair type, texture, as well as length. Let’s explore the cost of different styles of crochet braid. 

Type of hair 6 -14 inches16 – 18 inches20 – 22 inches24 – 40 inches
Curly $26.60 – $27.60Average: $30.19 $31.60 – $35.99Average: $34.43 $31.60 – $39.99Average: $36.19$33.60 – $39.99Average: $36.29
Box Braids $23.99 – $26.99Average: $25.49 $28.99 – $31.60Average: $30.29$26.98 – $31.60Average: $29.29$33.99 – $34.60Average: $34.44
Straight$14.99 – $19.69Average: $17.34$17.99 – $20.99Average: $19.66$21.69 – $21.99Average: $21.84$18.99 – $29.99Average: $24.51
Twist$27.99 – $34.50Average: $31.71$33.99 – $38.50Average: $35.75$36.99 – $38.50Average: $37.74$35.99 – $44.50Average: $40.49
Wave$17.98 – $37.99Average: $26.88$25.96 – $29.99Average: $28.46$29.99 – $36.98Average: $33.98$37.96 – $339.99Average: $38.98

However, their prices often vary depending on location, availability, and date. So, you need to check these factors before buying one. 

Professional Crochet Braid Hair Installation: Salon Costs to Consider

Professional Crochet Braid Hair Installation

Crochet Braid hair installation costs may vary from professionals or salons as well as the hair. “The Atlanta Crochet Braid Bar” for example asks for $150 to $300 based on different styles. Here’s their price list, for example, however, it should be noted the price doesn’t include the hair cost.

MenuPrice ListInstallation Duration
Crochet Loose Weave$200Up To 3  Hours 
Crochet Faux Locs$125Up To 2 Hours
Crochet Faux Locs With Individuals Around Perimeter$175Up To 2 Hours
Individual Crochet Locs- Regular Method$225Up To 4-5hours
Individual Crochet Locs- Roots Wrap With Marley Hair$300Up To 4-5hours
Crochet Twist$125Up To 2 Hours
X-Small Twist Or Mini Micro Twist Crochet$175Up To 3 Hours
Crochet Box Braids$125Up To 2 Hours
Other Braids & Styles$100 Up To 2 Hours

Crocheting Braided Hair: DIY Cost Factors

You can save a lot of money by braiding your hair for crochet at home. To get yourself voluminous and lustrous hair you would have to give your hair a clean start. On clean and dry hair you’ll need a long pintail comb and sharp scissors to cut damaged ends. After choosing the best braiding pattern you’ll start braiding. You can use hairclips to help hair sections separate. 

Crocheting Braided Hair

Once braiding is done then it’s time to crochet in the hair extensions. To do so you’ll need a crochet latch hook and extra hair. You can buy these tools separately or get a crotchet hair tool set which will cost around $5 – $9.

You’ll also need a mild sulfate-free shampoo, a conditioner to pack in moisture, and, combing cream for easy detangling. A bottle of these products can individually cost around $5 to $30, depending on the brand and product.

 This entire process can cost you anywhere around $20 or more. You can watch and follow through this video for easy guidelines. 

How To Install Easy Crochet Braids Step by Step | Freetress Ringlet Wand Curl

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Crochet Braid Hair

There are a few factors like the quality, texture length, etc. influence the cost of crochet braid hair. Additionally, the brand and the type of hair also play a role in the pricing of crochet braid hair. Here’s what we know-

  • Based on the brand reputation and the quality they offer the price point varies.
  • Higher-quality hair may cost more than low-quality hair since it is more resilient and appears more natural.
  • Different hair textures come with different price points. this varies on their popularity and availability.
  • The price of crochet braids is likely to be affected by the type of hair utilized. In general, synthetic hair is less expensive than genuine hair.
  • Longer hair or larger amounts of hair cost more when compared to shorter hair or smaller amounts.
  • The cost of crochet braid hair may also be affected by the procedure of installation. Some installation techniques might call for more hair than others, affecting the price.

Cost Comparison: Synthetic vs. Human for Crochet Hair

At first glance, it is often difficult to differentiate synthetic hair from human hair. However synthetic hair is significantly more affordable than natural human hair.

Synthetic Hair for Crochet

Synthetic vs. Human for Crochet Hair
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Synthetic hair is cheaper than human hair when compared which is around $5 to $50. The prices however may vary based on the pack or hair count.

Hair typeCostFeature
Regular synthetic hair$4 – $40 Variety of texture Wavy.Curly. Straight.
Styled Synthetic hair$10 – $33Mimicking natural hair textureType 3 hairType 4 hairBlown-out straightTwists
Kanekalon Synthetic hair$9 – $50Mimics natural hairSuitable for Hot water setting 

Human Hair for Crochet

Human hair, as opposed to synthetic hair, is collected from human heads. Getting human hair for crochet braid hair will cost you anywhere around $20 to $370. The quality, brand, and, retailer determine the price variation. The upkeep of human hair is also a factor to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Crochet Braids Last?

Crochet braids should last at least four weeks, that is with the right hair care. With proper love and care the braid could last longer. However, you should remove them after eight weeks max.

Are Crochet Braids Cheaper Than Box Braids?

Yes, Crochet braids aren’t as expensive as most protective hairstyles. The chosen extension hair alters the price, but it’s easily DIY-able. Thus cutting down the professional installation cost.

Can I Reuse Crochet Braids?

Yes, The hair extensions are reusable. That is if they are in good condition and cleaned after reinstallation. Wash the extensions in soapy water, if you have dandruff, or just simply have any remaining products.

Bottom Line 

So, now that you have an idea of how much is crochet braid hair what’s stopping you? With the knowledge of all the price factors, go get yourself an amazing hairdo. Claim the confidence to slay with voluminous and healthy-looking hair. 

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