How To Style A Twist Out: Be Bold With 10 Different Looks!

Well, these are just a few styles! You can find more about how to style a twist out here with seven more styling options to explore. 

Key Takeaways

  • A twist-out involves dividing and twisting hair sections step-by-step, then drying and unraveling them gives you gorgeous waves.
  • Prepare hair for a twist-out by shampooing, conditioning, detangling, applying leave-in conditioner, and sectioning. 
  • Follow steps for twist-out: section, apply cream, protect ends, spritz water, gentle unravel, and enhance volume for a beautiful twist-out.
  • Achieve 10 beautiful twist-out looks step-by-step with various styles, from natural volume and frizz to flat twist pigtails.

How Do You Style A Twist Out?

A twist-out involves dividing, twisting, drying, and unraveling hair to create waves. People love twist-outs because of their protective nature, this style also demands patience and skill. The process includes choosing your style first, preparing your hair for the twist-out then step-by-step styling your own. 

Then, twists are gently unraveled for the final wavy look. Styling twist-outs need the right products, twist size, moisture, and drying time. Achieving the desired results showcases dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to embracing natural hair’s beauty.

How Do You Style A Twist Out
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According to the duration, you keep your twists until removing them, a twist out will last you 1-4 weeks. Within these four weeks, you can express yourself through various styles, Curlfit hair cosmetics, and hair accessories. 

Preparing Your Hair For A Twist Out

To style a twist-out you need to prepare your hair for one. There are some steps to prepare your hair for a twist out, they are as follows.

Step 1: Shampoo

  • Cleanse hair with PATTERN’s Hydration Shampoo.
  • Be gentle yet effective in removing dirt and buildup.
  • Leave hair ready to absorb moisture and styling products.

Step 2: Condition and Detangle

Step 3: Protect

  • Apply PATTERN’s Leave-In Conditioner to damp hair.
  • Adds moisture, tames frizz, and enhances texture.
  • Provides a head start with definition before styling.

Step 4: Set

  • Divide hair into manageable sections.
  • Keep unworked sections clipped or in buns.
  • Within each section, part sub-sections for twisting.
  • Split evenly to ensure equal twisting from root to end.

Preparing Products To Use For A Twist Out

Choosing the right products is crucial for a lasting twist-out. Moisture is key; avoid drying products. Here are the recommended options:

  • Keep twists defined and moisturized. Consider Tgin Twist & Define Cream.
  • Set hair without flakes, quick drying. Try The Doux Mousse Def Texture Foam.
  • Offer strong hold without dryness. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic is a good choice. Adds shine and nourishment. 
  • Look into Prose’s custom hair oil. Softens hair, and reduces tangling. Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother is recommended.
  • Hair textures vary, so finding the right product is key.
  • Different textures may respond better to certain products.
  • Look for products that offer hold for a twist-out style.
  • Combining products can prevent your twists from turning into a different style.
Products BoxProduct Features
PATTERN’s Hydration ShampooBoosted with 10 nourishing oils. Cleanses curls, scalp & removes buildup.
PATTERN’s ConditionerIt works well for low porosity hair types and is excellent as a deep conditioning treatment.
PATTERN’s Wide Tooth CombDesigned for detangling & sectioning curls, coils & tight textures.
Tgin Twist & Define CreamRestores moisture back into the hair, leaving it more defined, quenched, and lustrous.
The Doux Mousse Def Texture FoamProvides just enough traction to define your curls or regulate your sleek look.
Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly MagicCurls are magically stimulated in textures that appear curly while wet but undefined and frizzy when dried.
Olaplex No 6 Bond SmootherThis product fortifies, hydrates and moisturizes hair while accelerating blow dry times. Provides a smoothing effect. It effectively removes frizz and tames flyaways.

Steps To Twist Out Your Natural Hair

Achieving a flawless twist-out hairstyle is all about unraveling your twists correctly. You can follow the following steps for a twist-out look.

  • Sectioning for Thicker Hair: Begin by sectioning detangled hair. This helps manage thickness. 
  • Product Application: Apply a light cream, like Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist-N-Shout Cream, ensuring even distribution and defining twists. 
  • End Protection: While twisting, leave out a small amount of ends, coating them with extra product. Wrap ends around a small flexi rod to reduce frizz. 
  • Spritz for Hydration: Spritz hair with water if it feels dry, maintaining moisture. 
  • Careful Twist Removal: Gently unravel twists, taking time to prevent frizz. Even slight dampness can cause frizz. Consider adding a few drops of oil for added shine.
  • Volume Enhancement: For more volume, add oil to fingertips and separate twists where they naturally want to part. Avoid excessive root-picking to prevent excessive frizz. 

Result: a beautiful, voluminous twist-out that lasts.

For a detailed visual step-by-step procedure, you can look into the following tutorial.

How To Achieve The PERFECT Twist Out EVERY TIME!!! | Natural Hair

You can also try other hairstyles if you want. Like, two-strand twist locs look beautiful and you can follow through on how to make two-strand twist locs. 

Also before diving all in, you need to choose if you are going to make short or long twist-outs.

a girl with twist out hairs

So, should you be going for smaller twists or longer twists?

When you wear twists in a twisted style, their size doesn’t matter much. But for twist-outs, size matters. Smaller twists lead to twist-outs that last longer and look more defined. Making smaller twists takes more time and effort, but it’s worth it for a lasting and defined twist-out.

10 Perfect Twist-Out Styles

Here are 10 perfect and popular twist-out looks and styles that you can try on your own.

1. Twist Out with Natural Volume and Frizz

To achieve a twist out with natural volume and controlled frizz, begin by separating the twists according to your desired level of frizz. Use a hair pick to lift the roots and add extra volume. Prioritize achieving a textured, natural look over defined curls.

2. Two-Strand Twist Shoulder Length Hairstyle

For a stylish shoulder-length hairstyle, consider two-strand twist rope twists. Twist and pin a section to create a jumbo twisted side bang. This versatile look can be maintained for a few days or undone once the hair is fully dry. This approach adds a touch of flair to the drying process while keeping a fashionable appearance.

3. Flat Jumbo Twist Pigtails with Embellishments

Opt for flat jumbo twist pigtails with embellishments to combine a protective style with defined curls. Divide the hair down the center, create flat twists on each side, and secure them with elastics. Enhance the look with elegant embellishments like gold rings before unraveling for a chic result.

4. Two-Strand Chunky Twists on Long Hair

If you have long hair, experiment with two-strand chunky twists. These twists not only add shine and style but also lead to a voluminous twist out that lasts for several days once unraveled. This approach offers a blend of length, shine, and easy maintenance for an elegant outcome.

5. Twist-Out Bob with Gold Cuffs

Achieve a well-defined twist out on a bob-length haircut by gently undoing twists. Part the hair to the side, and create single-strand flat twists using rubber bands. Then embellish with gold cuffs for an eye-catching touch. This style emphasizes both the defined twist out and the short, stylish bob.

twist-Out Bob with Gold Cuffs

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6. Flat Twists Half-up Style

Create a bold statement with a half-up style featuring chunky flat twists. Lift the roots at the front center for added height using a hair pick, and secure the twists with pins. This approach injects volume and attitude into your overall appearance.

7. Twist Out on Short Natural Hair

Enhance a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) haircut with twist outs and pops of color. Apply styling mousse or twisting cream to damp hair for optimal results. Achieve well-defined twists with a playful touch of color on short hair.

8. Twist Out on Color-Treated Hair

Highlight color-treated hair with a warm, summery twist out. Part the hair to the side and fluff the roots for natural volume and lift. Embrace the fusion of color and texture for a vibrant and stylish look.

9. Soft Natural Twist Out with Volume

Strike a balance between volume and definition on medium-length hair with a soft natural twist out. Carefully undo the twists and enhance the look by adding a few drops of custom hair oil for a touch of natural shine. This results in a soft, voluminous twist out with a hint of luster.

10. Flat Twist into Pigtails

Opt for a flat twist into a pigtails style to achieve both volume and keep hair away from the face. Part the hair down the center, create flat twists on each side, and secure them with an elastic or scrunchie. This playful approach ensures a voluminous appearance while maintaining practicality.

Tips to Maintain The Stylish Twist Out Longer

After so much effort and patience styling a twistout, you’d definitely want to keep it for a long time. Here’s some tips for maintaining your stylish twist-outs so that they would last longer.

  • Leave them for days or a week to make them last.
  • Smaller ones stay defined longer than chunky ones.
  • Use damp, not wet, hair to twist; stretch with the pineapple method.
  • Pick gels for hold and moisture like ORS Setting Foam or Taliah Waajid Shea Coco Styling Cream.
  • Don’t fluff too much to avoid frizz; try updos to keep shape.
  • Wear a satin bonnet or large twists for sleep.
  • Moisturize with steam and oil; avoid heavy products; light fluff if needed.

If you need more information regarding this, look for how long a twist-out lasts and how to increase its lifespan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long To Keep Twists For A Twist-Out?

You can leave it in for up to 5 days if you want your twist out to remain longer and be more defined. We recommend not leaving it in for more than five days. This is because everyday shed hair can build and develop tangles and mats, which will ruin the twist.

Do Two-Strand Twists Help Your Hair Grow?

No, two-strand twists themselves do not influence hair growth. Hair growth is a biological process that is unaffected by twisting. However, they help you keep more length and avoid breakage, resulting in an appearance of hair growth over time. 

Should You Twist Out Dry Or Damp Hair?

You should twist your damp hair, not water dripping wet or fully dry. Twisting your hair dry creates too much friction, resulting in too many knots rather than waves. Twisting your hair dripping wet will take much longer to dry, and your twists may unravel. So damp is ideal.

Concluding Line

Now, in addition to how to style a twist out you know, twist-outs offer versatile styles. It effortlessly showcases natural hair beauty. 

Styles range from volume to jumbo twists, reflecting dedication and product choice. Twist-outs decrease breakage, promote length retention, and give the illusion of growth. 

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