Why Are My Toenails White: Explained!

Why Are My Toenails White

Mineral deficiency is the leading reason for getting white toenails. Add enough zinc and iron to your diet. Then, nail fungus and psoriasis make toenails white which can be treated by a professional podiatrist. Allergic reactions are another significant cause of getting white chunky nails. Certain nail polishes contain harmful chemicals, particularly those containing acetone, … Read more

Why Are My Nails Flimsy? Find out now!

Why Are My Nails Flimsy

Prolonged Exposure to moisture and harmful chemicals is responsible for making your nails flimsy. Then, your nails can be adversely affected by a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid working too much in the moisture-prone environment and always make sure to wear gloves for manual labor work. Along with this, make sure your diet … Read more

Why Are Your Nails Crooked? Fix the Curves Now!

why do my nails curve down when they get long

Your nails might be crooked because of these reasons: Crooked nails can be cured with home remedies, salon treatment, or medical solutions. Discover reasons, effective solutions, and maintenance tips for your crooked nails in this article.  Key Takeaways  Why Is Your Nail Growing Crooked? At the bottom of our nail, there’s a part called the … Read more