Sore Nails After Acrylics – 9 Common Issues Resolved!

Acrylic nails tend to be appealing, and are perfect for improving the durability of your nails. However, like any other frequent user, you might have experienced surprising sore nails after the acrylics issue.  Fortunately, it’s a common problem, and this guide will be looking at all your need to know about it. Ready to get … Read more

Ridges in Nails After Acrylics

Ridges in Nails After Acrylics

When people refer to nails, it’s usually a statement that refers to the favorite color or design that people can wait to try at salons. While nails are prone to breaking, the average person’s nail health often takes a back seat compared to other similar issues.  The deduction behind this concept is that nail health … Read more

Why Are My Fingernails Turning Orange? Mystery Solved!

why are my fingernails turning orange

It’s normal to tense up after seeing your fingernails turning orange. But you have to find out the reasons behind this issue. Otherwise, you’ll be too late to treat the fingernails. So, ask yourself a question – why are my fingernails turning orange?  For starters, orange fingernails can appear due to fungal infection. Eating too … Read more