Nails Sore after Getting Them Done: Proven Solutions

The main reason for your nails’ soreness after getting them done is your technician’s poor skill or use of low-quality products. Also, it can be related to your nails’ overall health issue which can aggravate the soreness and pain even more. Things such as brittle nails and UV exposure can cause pain after getting your nails done. 

But don’t get worried! You can easily treat your nail soreness after getting them done & will get a nice painless manicure or shiny acrylic if you follow our suggestion.

Key Takeaways

In this article, you will know:

  • A detailed reason and solution for nail soreness.
  • Symptoms and remedies of nail soreness and infections
  • Tips and tricks while getting a manicure

Sore Nails After Getting Them Done: A Detailed Solution

The primary reason behind your nail pain could be your nail technician hurting you during the process. Moreover, getting your nails done frequently can cause your nails to become brittle. And these brittle nails get hurt quite easily. 

If you’re wondering if you ever experienced soreness in your nail here are some symptoms you may feel: 

  • Sharp pain when pressing upon your nail
  • Swollen fingertips
  • Discolored nail plate cuticles (reddish or blackened)

If you experience these symptoms after getting a nice manicure, your nail got hurt during the procedure. 

Sore Nails After Getting Them Done

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There are two ways your nails got hurt: pain caused by new fake nails or underlying health issues. Let’s dive right into the business and how to fix them.

Pain Related to Fake Nails

During getting your precious nail done, some minor things can ruin your beautiful nails and cause pain in the process. Take a quick look.

Reason Solution
Methods used by inexperience techniciansStop immediately and apply cold compress
Low-quality nail glueAdvise the technician to use good quality nail glue
Acrylic thickness & shapeAvoid the thickness level and shape that causes pain
Incorrectly prepared cuticlesAsk the technician to work gently or change your salon

Inexperience Technicians

You can never know if your technician is experienced or not at first glance. Often technicians apply pressure when operating with tools and it will hurt you. 

Moreover, filing your nail excessively also expose the nerve under your nail and you will feel pain. The same thing can occur during thinning.


Always speak up when you feel pain, pressure or realize excessive filing/thinning. Beauty is not all about pain and It’s better to be known as a concerned customer rather than staying in pain.

Moreover, your technician will also benefit in the future and improve his/her skill. If your technician doesn’t take you seriously, it’s time to look for a new one.

Low-Quality Nail Glue

Just like every other product, nail glues can also be cheaper and low quality. These low-quality nail glues might create pressure around your nails as the fake nails tighten while drying. 

Additionally, products like these can irritate your fingertips.


Talk to your technician about the glue. Even you can provide a suitable one while getting your nail done. Even if the best glues are causing pain, take a break from fake nails.

Acrylic Thickness & Shape

Thick or long acrylic weighs more than your natural nail can support. This extra weight can strain your nerve and consequently, you might feel soreness.


Instruct your technician to keep the nail length short and light. That way you are unlikely to feel any soreness.

Incorrectly Prepared Cuticles

Cuticles are sensitive skin from the finger that covers the nail at the edge. During a manicure, your technician might push cuticles roughly or attach the acrylic to it. 

If your acrylic is attached to the cuticle rather than the nail, the acrylic will lift off eventually and cause pain to your cuticles.


Ask your nail technician to trim it properly and gently. If he/she doesn’t, look for a new one.

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Pain Related to Health Issues

While a better technician provides you with quality service, you should also consider your nails’ health. Let’s explore this area.

Reason Solution 
Injury under nailAvoid getting acrylic nails and see a doctor to recover your injury
InfectionTreat the infection
Naturally thin/weak nailAvoid going for manicures or acrylics to protect your nails
Allergic to glue/gelChange to a better quality glue

Injury Under Nail

If there’s an existing injury under your nail, a fresh set of nail wouldn’t resolve it. On the contrary, it will aggravate the situation depending on the injury.


To address the injury under your nail consult with a doctor. However, if time permits, let it heal before getting a service. 


Injury can lead to infection under your nail and it is quite painful to get a fake nail given the circumstance. Swelling tissue, pus, tenderness, and redness in your nail indicate infection in your nail bed. 


Consult with your doctor and treat your nail free from any kind of infection before getting them done.

Allergic to Glue/Gel

If you feel any irritation or itchiness after applying a substance like glue or gel on your nail, you may be allergic to that particular product. An allergic reaction might force you to scratch aggressively and you will end up with blood shiny nails.


Instruct your technician beforehand about your allergic condition. You can also provide a suitable product while going for a manicure.

Naturally Thin/Weak Nail

Sometimes with the situation at a perfect level, you might experience pain and soreness in your nai after a nice manicure. It indicates, your nail is naturally thin or weak & unable to take any extra pressure.


If this is the case, you should avoid any kind of manicure or installing fake nails. The condition may dissolve over time and you can get your desired luscious nails. Moreover, you can always consult with a doctor to improve your nails’ health.

Preventive Measures for Nail Soreness

There are some easy ways to improve your nail health and prevent further soreness after getting them done. You need to follow these instructions:

  • Choosing a better, experienced technician will resolve almost every issue regarding nail soreness.
  • Instruct your technician to use better tools and sterilize them before using them. 
  • Choose the shape of your acrylic wisely. For example, pointy-shaped nails are sharp & may increase the frequency of cuts and pains.
  • Take care of your nails, don’t leave your nail always dirty, and maintain good nail hygiene.
  • Don’t put excessive pressure on your nail while working. Also, avoid conditions that are unfriendly for your fingertips.

That will be all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Acrylic Nails Hurt Your Real Nails?

Yes, it is possible that acrylic nails can hurt your real nail. During installing acrylic, your nail needs to be thinned and filed and sometimes it might hurt. In this situation ask your technician to go gently.

What Are The Side Effects of Gel Nails?

The most common side effects of gel nails include itchy eczematous dermatitis, onycholysis, and lesions under the nail alongside painful, weak, and brittle nails. 

Are Gel Nails Safer than Acrylic?

Yes, gel nails are relatively safer than acrylic in terms of installing and removing them. It also has less possibility to damage your nails even if you have naturally weaker nails.


They say beauty is painful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily resolve nail soreness after getting them done if you follow our suggestion. In doing so, let us know your overall experience regarding the issues.

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