Why Are Your Nails Crooked? Fix the Curves Now!

Your nails might be crooked because of these reasons:

  • Fungal infection 
  • Incorrect nail trimming 
  • Genetics 
  • Accident or trauma 
  • Improper nail care 
  • Wearing tight shoes or gloves

Crooked nails can be cured with home remedies, salon treatment, or medical solutions.

Discover reasons, effective solutions, and maintenance tips for your crooked nails in this article. 

Key Takeaways 

Why Is Your Nail Growing Crooked?

At the bottom of our nail, there’s a part called the germinal matrix

Why Are Your Nails Crooked

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By accident, If it is injured or hurt, one side of the nail can grow faster than the other side. This makes the nail bend towards the damaged side, resulting in crooked nails.

Let’s explore other reasons why your nails are crooked:

Fungal Infection: Fungus is prone to spread in moist and damp places like wet and dirty nails. Fungal infection weakens the nail, making it discolored, thick, and brittle. As it gets worse, the nail might get crooked. If not treated on time, the fungus can make the nail even worse.

Incorrect trimming: Cutting your nails too short is a common mistake for crooked nails. If your nails are too short, they might dig into your muscle over time.

Aging: As we get older, our bodies go through different changes that include the nails too. The nail matrix gets weakened, and might not work as well as before as we age. This could make the nails grow in a slightly crooked or uneven way.

Genetics: If your nails curve at the tips, it might result from the thickening of the tissue under your nails. there’s more blood flowing to your fingertips than usual which causes the curve. These symptoms can be genetically inherited. If your parents or family members have crooked nails, your nails might be prone to the same. Your genes can affect the thickness, shape, and curve of your nails. 

Accidental trauma: Trauma, or accidents like sudden hits, or pressure on your nail can make them crooked. It can damage their appearance and affect nail growth. Small injuries might not lead to long-term problems, but serious injuries could permanently change the way of nail growth. This could make your nail crooked or brittle.

Iron deficiency: Curved or ingrown nails often indicate the need for medical attention, especially in older people. This can be a sign of iron deficiency or anemia in the body. This can also result in spoon nails that are medically known as koilonychia.

Improper nail care: Neglecting nail care can also cause nails to crook. If your nails are too dry or too wet, it affects the nail’s natural growth and weakens them. This results in damaging and making your nails look dirty

Wearing tight gloves/socks: Wearing tight shoes, gloves or socks can make your nails start growing inward. They press extra pressure on your nails and make them dig into your skin and become crooked. Too-tight accessories can also lead to ingrown nails, bending them inward or to the side of the muscle.

How to Fix Crooked Nails?

Crooked nails can be fixed with home remedies. In severe cases, you can go for salon solutions to have fake nails or seek medical help. 

How to Fix Crooked Nails

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You can follow the step-by-step process to care for that crook nail at home. 

  • First, take a bowl and fill it with warm water and add Epsom salt to it.
  • Now, soak your hands or feet in the water for 15-20 minutes to soften the nails.
  • After that dry your nails and trim them carefully using a good nail clipper or file.
  • Try to trim nails straight and avoid rounding corners.
  • Now, smooth edges gently with the file for even nails.
  • You can use toe separators to create space between toes to reduce pressure.
  • Finally, use cushioning or special bandages to ease discomfort.

Mentioned products are often available at your nearest store or you can order them online.

Product NameFeatures
Epsom SaltRelieves and soothes minor aches and pains
Nail ClippersEnsures precise nail cutting
Toe SeparatorsReduces pain, washable, reusable

Visit a doctor for medical help if: 

  • Your crooked nail is causing you extreme pain or discomfort.
  • The nail is extremely crooked or looks unusual.
  • The nail changes color, or texture, or becomes unusually thick
  • You suspect a fungal infection or itching.

It’s better to be safe and get expert help if you’re experiencing any of these signs with your crooked nails.

Salon Solutions with False Nails: Acrylic, Or Gel?

False nails can cover your crooked nails and give them a straighter look. Wearing a fake nail can quickly hide a curve, crooked or short nail. If a nail is shorter, use a long nail next to it to make the curved one seem straight. These techniques require patience and professional skills. Attempting this at home, especially for beginners, is not recommended due to the need for expert hands and tools. 

The following types of false nail techniques are effective to cover crooked nails-

  • Acrylic Nail
  • Gel Nail

Both acrylic and gel can help fix crooked nails or nails that are bendy, but gels are generally recommended. Seeking help from a skilled nail technician is advised to avoid mistakes and ensure proper correction. Visit a nail salon for the best results and let professionals handle your nail needs.

Acrylic nails can be applied and decorated to hide the nail’s crookedness. However, they require frequent maintenance as the natural nail grows, making them more expensive. 

Gel manicures offer more flexibility. Gel nails can be shaped and molded to correct the crooked nail. They don’t dry quickly, allowing for precise application, and remain flexible until treated with a UV/LED lamp.

When Natural nail grows, it tends to push the acrylic nails in the wrong direction, and require frequent adjustments. On the other hand, gels are more effective as they allow frequent adjustments. Also, gels are cost-friendly in the long run.

How to Fix Crooked Nails Using Gels

To fix crooked nails using gel, these steps are followed:

How to Fix Crooked Nails Using Gels

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  • The process starts with a regular manicure to prepare the nails for the gel application. This ensures that the gel adheres properly.
  • Then the nails are trimmed. It prevents them from growing crooked and pushing the gel nail tip in the wrong direction too soon.
  • A gel base coat is applied to the nails, and cured under a UV or LED lamp for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then a colored gel is applied and cured under the UV light or LED lamp for another 1-2 minutes.
  • Finally, a gel top coat is applied, and multiple designs or stones can be added to conceal the crooked nail. With proper care, gel nails last for a long time.

As the nails grow, the gel tips can be easily trimmed or filed down. If multiple nails are crooked, the gel can be removed and reapplied without causing damage. 

The gel can be removed using cotton swabs soaked in acetone, and nail foils are used for efficient removal. Ensure to consult with a professional nail artist for the best results and proper care.

Maintain Crooked Nails After Fixing

To keep your nails in good shape after fixing their crookedness, follow these tips to maintain them:

Monitor Growth: Start by keeping an eye on your nail growth. As soon as you notice the curved edge reappearing, it’s time to take action!

Trim and File: Clip off the curved edge and file your nails properly. You can shape them differently, but it’s better to maintain a simple shape to avoid cooking.

Regular Manicures: Have regular manicures at home or salon. You’ll visibly notice the change in how your nails are progressing.

By following these steps, you can maintain the improved appearance of your crooked nails and ensure healthy and stylish nails.

Tips to Avoid Crooked Nails

Proper care can keep your nails looking healthy and prevent them from growing crooked. Here are some tips to prevent your nails from further crook:

  • Wear shoes that fit well to avoid pressure on toes that could lead to curved or crooked nails.
  • Keep nails trimmed and clean. Don’t cut them too short. 
  • Don’t wear too tight gloves or socks to prevent pressure on the nails and sides of your finger.
  • Eating protein-rich foods can help nails grow straight and strong.
  • Take biotin or vitamins like B12, D3, and iron with an expert consultation.
  • Avoid formalin or toxic-based nail products that can disrupt nail health and lead to damage causing crooked nails.
  • Cover nails during activities like swimming or cleaning to avoid pH imbalance and fungal infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Shape the Nail After Clipping the Curved Edge?

Yes, you definitely can shape the nails after trimming the curved edge. Though this might make some nails a bit longer or shorter, depending on their starting length. Be cautious with shorter nails to prevent any infection. Once the curve is reduced, focus on the filings for natural nails.

Can Nail Biting or Picking Cause Crooked Nails?

Yes, biting or picking your nails can make them crooked. When you bite your nails, it can disrupt the way your nail grows. This can also cause the nails to grow in the wrong way or get stuck. 

Can Pregnancy Lead to Crooked Nails?

During pregnancy, the body goes through hormonal changes that can affect how their nails grow and look. Even though we don’t have a lot of information about crooked nails during pregnancy, some changes can happen to nails. The hormones can also make nails weaker and easier to break. Nails that break easily might develop odd shapes or problems.

Closing Words

We hope you got the answer to why my nails are crooked. 

Preventing crooked nails is easy with these reliable methods. Crooked nails, whether inherited or due to lack of nutrients or care, can affect how your hands and feet look. So, start taking proper care of your nails to prevent any curves or crooks. Best of luck!

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