How to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer

Have you ever struggled with how to make your polygel nails last longer? Well, welcome to this guide – because we identified most, if not all, you need to know about this issue!

Should you be concerned if your polygels don’t last long (more than one or two weeks)? Yes, you should be!

Fortunately, this guide should help set things straight, so your polygel nails can last for up to three or even four weeks!

Let us begin:

Tips for Making Polygelnails Last Longer

Here are the tips and products we identified to be helpful for the longevity of your polygel nails:

Items Required

AcetoneUse this to clean your nails, and remove dirt.Super Nail Pure Acetone 
UV/LED LampUse this to cure your nails, and maintain their quality.UV LED Nail Lamp 54W
Nail kitUse this to push the cuticles and address issues like hangnails.Modelones Gel Nail Polish Manicure Set Starter Kit
Nail cleaning toolUse this to clean the tools you use for the product application process.3pcs Ingrown toenail Tool


Here are the key tips for making your polygel nails last longer:

Tip #1. Prepping Your Nails for Polygel

There are various reasons why prepping your nails for polygel is important. You need to start by trimming, filing, and buffing your nails. 

Doing this helps ensure your nails are ready for the primer application process. It helps eliminate issues like nail ridges and any impurities that might compromise the polygel application process.

Tip #2. Use an Adhesive Primer 

An adhesive primer is important for various reasons. The first is that it is the perfect surface for applying your polygel nails. It also helps to improve the appeal of your nail polish because it acts as a base coat. Some primers even contain alcohol, which can help with nail disinfection.

Tip #3. Prepare the Polygel

The next tip is to prepare the polygel to produce the right consistency. It should be thick enough because this can make it difficult to apply. 

First, check the product’s labeling for more details, like the ingredients. Next, consider the following steps in prepping your polygel nails for longevity:

  • Prep your Polygel. Ensure the Polygel is at the right consistency. It should neither be too thick nor thin.
  • Apply the polygel. We recommend you begin with a thin layer and use a brush or spatula so its spreads evenly. Apply a thin layer at a time and then use a UV lamp for curing purposes
  • Apply the top coat: Apply a thin layer of top coat to protect the Polygel and make it last longer. 
  • Avoid water for a few hours. To ensure that your Polygel nails last longer, avoid exposure to moisture-based settings for the first 24 hours. 
  • Moisturize your nails: Moisturize them regularly with cuticle oil or hand cream to keep them healthy and hydrated. 
  • Use nail guards. Use nail guards to protect your Polygel nails and make them last longer. Avoid using polygel nails over fake nails because it can lead to various complications like infections.

What are Some Common Polygel Nails Mistakes

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Here is a list of some common polygel mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Failing to prepare the nail bed. You must prepare the nail bed to provide the perfect surface for setting your polygel nails. You might have to perform buffing procedures and eliminate any dirt or oils on the nail surface.
  • Using excessive gel products. Using excessive gel or acetone on your nails can make it lumpy or even uneven in structure. It’s a common cause for why your polygel nails might pop off.
  • Using excessive activator products. These are products that help harden gel on the nails. However, excessive amounts make the nails brittle and prone to cracking issues.
  • Failing to sand as required. You must sand your nails regularly to have a smooth and even appearance.
  • Failing to use a sealer. Sealing products after curing the gel is important. It helps protect your polish from chipping or staining issues.
  • Maintain the right thickness. The polygel should be evenly distributed all throughout the nail bed. We expect a maximum thickness of 0.3 inches to be sufficient for this process.

How to Apply Polygel Nails So It Lasts Longer

We identified the steps and products you should have for the best polygel application results:

AcetoneUse this to clean your nails and remover dirt.Super Nail Pure Acetone 
UV/LED LampUse this to cure your nails and maintain their quality.UV LED Nail Lamp 54W
Nail kitUse this best polygel nail kit to push the cuticles and address issues like hangnails.Modelones Gel Nail Polish Manicure Set Starter Kit
Nail cleaning toolUse this to clean the tools you use for the product application process.3pcs Ingrown toenail Tool
Cotton ballsUse this to dab the acetone.Amazon Basics Cotton Balls
Cuticle OilUse this to rejuvenate your nails.OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil
Nail primerUse this to prepare your nails.modelones Nail Primer

Here are the steps involved in how to apply polygel nails at home step by step:

  1. Start by cleaning your nails using acetone. We recommend using the nail cleaning kit to disinfect all your tools. Doing this can help save you from issues like fungal infections. 
  2. Apply a nail primer to the surface of your nails.
  3. Apply the polygel nails to the nail bed using a spatula. Apply one layer at a time, and then set it in the UV lamp.
  4. Apply a top coat.
  5. Let your fingers sit undisturbed for a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Should Polygel Nails Last?

Polygel nails should only last for three weeks. Some people try to extend its longevity past this period, but this isn’t always healthy. Ensure you maintain your nails using cuticle oil and creams after using polygel nails.

How Do I Stop My Polygel From Lifting?

There are various ways of stopping your polygel nails from lifting. You must perform the manicure process correctly and avoid exposing your fingers to high-impact tasks. Also, ensure you remove the nails after three weeks.

Why Do Polygel Nails Break?

There are various reasons why polygel bails break. It can be due to a lack of the correct application process, using poor quality products, or your lifestyle. Ensure you also consult with a nail professional for more advice.

Does Polygel Need a Top Coat?

Yes, polygel nails might require a top coat. It helps ensure the nail polish offers longevity and also helps improves its appearance. The top coat comes after the gel polish dries as required in the UV lamp.

Which Polygel Lasts the Longest?

The best polygel that lasts the longest is the Makartt Polygel Nail extension kit. Many people like using it because it contains durable components and is easy to use. It even comes with fully functional kit.

What Are the Cons of Polygel Nails?

There are various cons of polygel nails. These include that it lasts up to two weeks, is prone to damage, and requires the right application technique. Using the polygels correctly also requires experience or training.

Do Polygel Nails Break Easily?

No, polygel nails don’t break easily, especially when done correctly. They are strong and flexible, despite being lighter than other products like hard gels. Plus, their flexible nature also makes them durable over time.

How Do You Maintain Polygel?

There are various of maintaining polygel nails. You might need resources like fillers for maintenance, using cleaning products, and strengtheners. Your nail technician will provide a suitable approach for this process.

Why Won’t My Polygel Cure All the Way?

The most common reason for polygel failing to cure all the way is because of the wrong application technique. It means that the polygel might be excessively thick, making it hard to cure using a lamp.

Can You Overcure Polygel?

Yes, it’s possible to over-cure polygel. This can happen when you leave your fingers in the UV lamp for excessive durations. It can also occur when you fail to apply the polygel on your nailbed as required. 

What Liquid Do You Use With Polygel?

The liquid that you use with polygel nails is slip. You use it slip on your nails, and it gets its name from the Slip Potters, which has a rich history relating to applications in clay. Slip is not a monomer, and does not contain any active ingredients like acrylic monomers.

Does Polygel Last Longer Than Dip?

Dip nails can last up to four weeks, slightly more than the three weeks maximum for poly gel nails. Factors such as the quality of the application process also influence the longevity of polygel nails.

There are various ways of making polygel nails last longer. You must perform the curing process correctly, and avoid any significant lifestyle changes. It’s also crucial that you use the right approach to nail prep for the best results

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