Why Are My Dip Nails Cracking [Detailed Explanation]

Your dip nails are cracking because of

  • Incorrect application of dip powder
  • Inaccurate use of the activator
  • Use of too many dip coats
  • Use of low-quality dip powders.

While these are the most common reasons, there are further explanations for why your dip nails are cracking. To know other relevant factors such as solutions and prevention tips for the problem, check out the whole article. 

Key Takeaways

Reasons Your Dip Nails Are Cracking

Cracks in dip nails is a common problem for many nail enthusiasts. So, knowing about the common reasons can help you maintain strong and beautiful dip nails.

Incorrect Application

One common reason for dip nail cracking is lack of preparation. It is important to clean and buff the nail surface so that the base coat sticks to it properly. Ignoring this simple step leads to weak bonds in nails and as a result, you see cracks. 

Another common mistake people do is using too much base coat. The excessive base coat makes dip powder too thick on the nail. As a result, the nail becomes more likely to be cracked. 

Also, if dip powder overlaps or gets too close to your skin, it may lead to cracking. When you move around your hands daily, the powder gets more in contact with your skin. As a result, the issue becomes even worse.  

So, to minimize harm to your skin, apply your base and bond around 2mm away from the skin.

Additionally, if you don’t allow enough time for drying in between layers, it can cause cracking. Make sure to give each layer the required time to dry before moving to the next one.

You need to build up habits so that you don’t make mistakes during applying dip powder. Speaking of habits, make sure to curb your nail-biting addiction as well.

Reasons Your Dip Nails Are Cracking

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Inaccurate Use of Activator

Many people skip the activator step without realizing its importance. An activator is needed to cure the powder and make it solid. 

It might seem like it doesn’t do much at first. However, because of the activator, a chemical reaction happens that helps turn the powder into a solid mass.   

Too Many Dip Coats

Applying too many or too few coats of dip nails can make your nails break. To cover your nails well, dip them 2-3 times.

If you can’t cover them in 2-3 dips, try different dip liquids or powders. 

Low-Quality Dip Powders

If the previous steps did not help, try different brands of dip powder. Remember that dip powders can vastly vary depending on different companies. 

Be cautious as some companies might sell acrylic instead of dip powder. If you dip your nails for color many times, chances are you are using acrylic powder. This powder is not compatible with activators and as a result, your dip nails may crack. 

Find better-quality dip powders from these sources!

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External Factors

External factors can have a negative impact on your dip nails as well. 

Dip nails are not impervious to water. Excessive contact with water can weaken the bond between the nail and the dip powder, resulting in cracks.

Similarly, extreme temperature fluctuations can lead to the problem. If the temperature rapidly changes between hot and cold, it leads to the expansion and contraction of the nails. As a result, you experience dip nail cracking.

Also, harsh chemicals like cleaning agents can weaken and damage the nail surface. So, getting exposed to such products can result in cracks in dip nails. 

However, if you are worried about your nail health you need to research a lot. So, knowing things such as why your nails are sore after getting them done will certainly benefit you. 

How to Fix Your Cracked Dip Nails?

Following are some of the methods of fixing cracked dip nails. 

Buff And Fill Method 

This is the most common fix for cracked dip nails. When the crack happens underneath the top coat, you need to buff the surface to reach the crack. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to accomplish this:

  • Remove the top layer with a nail file or drill.
  • Apply a base coat to the crack before using the dip powder.
  • Let the activator dry after application.
  • After buffing and smoothing the surface, apply a thin layer of top coat.

Nicely done! Your crack has been repaired. 

Patch Method

This method comes in handy when you can’t find the original dip powder you used.

For this, all you need is clear gel polish. Apply the gel polish to cover the crack completely and let it dry. 

How to Fix Your Cracked Dip Nails

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Creative Methods

You can also use creative methods to repair broken dip nails. You can cover up the crack by decorating the top surface. Rhinestones and nail decals are both great ways to dress up broken dip nails.

They not only disguise the cracks, but they also make your nails look nice.

Here’s an amazing nail art design with rhinestones to get you started.

How to Prevent Dip Nails From Cracking

Knowing about preventive measures can save you a lot of dip nails related trouble. So, let’s dive into useful habits that will help prevent dip nails crack. 

  • Try to keep your nails short. It is the first recommendation to avoid dip nails-related issues.  
  • Next, make a habit of wearing gloves. It is a great way to prevent your dipped nails from cracking while cleaning and doing dishes.
  • Use moisturizers such as cuticle and natural oil to take care of your nails. These products help reduce cracking. 
  • Try to avoid touching acetone when doing the dipping process. Exposure to acetone can lead to a chunk of your dip powder nails being taken off. 
  • Always use a base coat and a top coat. And remember not to skip the activator step.
  • Be cautious while buffing your dip nail routine. Try not to over-buff your nails.

Taking good care of your nails is an ongoing process. In that case, learning how your nails get dirty will help keep your nails healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Crack and A Break?

A crack is a tiny line seen across your dip nails. On the other hand, if a chunk of your dip nails comes off, it’s called a break.

Is Dip Worse For Your Nails Than Gel?

No, neither the gel nor the dip is bad for your nails. However, Dip colors are often preferred over gel because they don’t need UV light.

Why Are My Nails Thin And Brittle After Dip?

Your nails can get thin and brittle after dip due to the use of acetone. It is a strong chemical that can dry out your nails and cuticles, leading to brittleness and flaking. You can use moisturizing cuticle oil to minimize the damage.

Closing Words

Your dip nails are cracking due to several reasons such as inaccurate application of dip powder or the activator. By taking preventive measures, you can reduce the chances of this issue happening again.

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