How To Keep Cornrows Fresh? – Ultimate Solution.

You can keep your cornrows fresh by following some methods. Those methods are given below:

  • Consistently moisturize your scalp.
  • Apply oil to your hair.
  • Guard your hair during sleep.
  • Eliminate flakes from your scalp.
  • Steer clear of hairstyles that stress the scalp.
  • Avoid maintaining cornrows for a period exceeding six weeks.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can keep your cornrows fresh by taking some steps like washing your hair properly. Also, use recommended hair shampoo and conditioner. Lastly, use a hair cover to protect your cornrows while sleeping.
  • You can control frizz on your cornrows by covering your head with a scarf. Also, do not scratch your head just wash it. Numerous approaches exist to manage frizz in your cornrows.

How can you effectively maintain the freshness of cornrows?

By following 3 primary methods you can keep your cornrows fresh. First, wash your hair with the proper process. Second, moisturize your braids. Last but not least, maintain your look. 

Now let’s discuss briefly about those processes.

Method 1: Washing your hair

According to hairstyling experts, a suitable timeframe for washing your hair is approximately every 1 to 3 weeks. However, this interval depends on the condition of the hair and scalp.

woman washing her hair with shampoo in shower
woman washing her hair with shampoo in shower

The detailed process of washing your hair is given below:

Step 1: Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and use a bottle with medium size nozzle. This will help you to spread the shampoo and conditioner at every line of the scalp. Use some water to shampoo and conditioner to make it foamy. 

three bottle of shampoo
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Step 2: Now apply the shampoo to every line of the scalp and gently massage the whole scalp. This approach aids in diminishing both dryness and excess oil.

girl applying shampoo into the scalp

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Step 3: Wash your hair gently using your hands. Make sure that no shampoo exists after washing.

women Wash hair gently

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Step 4: Repeat the process with conditioner to your scalp. 

Allow the conditioner to remain on for a minimum of 5 to 15 minutes.

Step 5: This time your hair feels heavy because of water. So use a towel to extract excess water and make it dry.

girl drying her hair with towel

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So this is how you can wash your cornrow to keep it fresh. Remember, this is an important step to make your cornrows last longer.

Pro Tip: Do not use hot water on your hair. As heat can lead to both hair damage and dryness.

Method 2: Moisturizing The Braids

You can use the shea butter of your choice on your braids. Massage shea butter onto your parched braids, ensuring thorough coverage. continue this process after a few days.

  • Use raw shea butter or moisturizer.
  • Put shea butter on wet hair following a shower.
a girl Moisturizing The Braids

Spread water on your hair with a hair sprayer. Repeat this process whenever your hair begins to experience dryness. Opting for a product with a water base is beneficial for addressing your dehydrated hair.

Spread water on your hair with a hair sprayer

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Incorporate essential oils to maintain proper moisture in your hair. Moisturized hair will reduce the possibility of braids looking dry and dull. 

Oils such as lavender, rosemary, and tea tree are all choice of options for your hair. Massage these essential oils onto your scalp every couple of days.

  • You can also use these oils with floral water, vinegar, or alcohol.
  • Don’t moisturize your scalp frequently if your hair is naturally oily.
oils to maintain proper moisture in your hair

Method 3: Maintaining the look

Cover your head while you sleep. By covering your head you can reduce flyaway hairs and frizz. Generally, you can use a scarf or you can also use a hair wrap or bandana. But remember you should use non absorbing fabric like silk or satin. 

Due to this material, your hair won’t lose moisture as you sleep, as it doesn’t absorb it. For individuals with lengthy hair, it’s possible to gather your cornrows into a bun.

Cover your head while you sleep

Ensuring the well-being of your hairline is crucial to prevent harm to the root area. 

Given that cornrows are intricately woven close to the scalp, this can result in tugging and strain. To prevent this, apply oil whenever you experience discomfort.

If you still feel uncomfortable, then go to your professional to lose your braids.

professional hair dresser doing its job

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After a few weeks, cornrows need an experienced professional to recondition them. Because experienced stylish make sure that the job is done perfectly. You can see some reviews online to book a stylist.

cornrows need an experienced professional

Generally, every six weeks you should trim your braids. Though this also depends on your hair and scalp condition. But you should get some suggestions from an experianced stylist.

every six weeks you should trim your braids

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Now you know the detailed process of how can you keep fresh your cornrows. Those processes also help to make your cornrows last longer

How do You Control Frizz On Cornrows?

To manage frizz in your cornrows, it’s essential to minimize friction as effectively as possible. This constitutes the primary cause of frizz formation in your cornrows.

Here are some pro tips to control frizz on cornrows.

  • Cover your head with a scarf or satin bonnet while you go to sleep. 
  • Do not scratch your head, just wash it.
  • Do not use a hair dryer directly, first cover your head with a scarf after moisturizing and then use it. 

Source: hairstylecamp

Here are some most recommended products for your cornrows. Those products are available in several e-commerce platforms and also offline stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Cornrow Braids Last?

Generally, between 2 to 6 weeks cornrow braids last. But this totally depends on your hair type, pattern, and how much you take care of them. 

Do Cornrows Push Hairline Back?

Yes, cornrows push hairline back and this is called traction alopecia. Cornrows that pull on the hairline cause tension. This can cause the hairline to be pushed back. Continuing this process can permanently damage your hair and also cause hair loss. 

How Many Times Should You Oil Cornrow?

You should oil cornrow 2-3 times each week. Along with this, you should apply nourishing oils to your scalp. When you swim or engage in strenuous sports, make sure you wash your hair to prevent dust buildup. As a last step, spray water and moisturizer on your hair. 


Now you know How to keep cornrows fresh? Do not worry to style your hair in cornrows form.It is my wish that after perusing this article, you can adeptly handle your cornrows.  Also, take care of your cornrows with several professional tips. 

Hence, you’re now set to express your hair styling creativity without constraints. Best of luck.

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