Wig Basics 101: Learn How to Braid A Wig In 6 Steps!

To braid a wig, 

  • Begin by dividing the wig’s hair into three sections, making a zigzag part. 
  • Combine each section and apply hairspray to prevent stray hairs. 
  • Start braiding by crossing left over the middle, then right over the new middle, alternating sides. 
  • To prevent tangles, tie off sections with open elastic hair ties for longer wigs. 
  • Maintain neatness by smoothing strands periodically and securing them with clips. 
  • Finish by spraying the entire braid with hairspray, including underneath, for a smooth and lasting style. 

We have covered more about how to braid a wig in the next sections of this article.

Braid A Wig

Key Takeaways

  • Learn three braid styles—classic, French, and Dutch—to elevate your wig game and add flair to your look.
  • Essential steps include dividing sections evenly, using hairspray for smoothness, and securing the braids carefully.
  • Each style demands specific techniques, from classic cross-overs to adding wig hair for French and Dutch braids.
  • Remember to maintain your wigs properly by choosing the right products, protecting your hairline, and handling them gently.

How to Braid A Wig In 3 Different Styles

There are many different braiding styles you can go for. That’s why, we will cover here three different styles of braids you can choose from. There are other braid styles that we haven’t covered here, like the infinity braid

Style One: How to Classic Braid A Wig 

Brading a wig in classic 3-strand is quite easy once you get the hang of it. All you need is a wig and some hairspray. This is also a beginner-friendly braid style

Here is how to classic braid a wig-

  • Divide Wig: When you’re getting ready to braid your wig, first divide the hair into three equal sections. Remember, don’t show the inner part of the wig (foundation) when you’re dividing it. Make the part a bit zigzag, not straight.
How to Classic Braid A Wig
  • Prep Strands: Before you start braiding, comb each of the three sections. You can use your fingers, a comb, or a special wig brush. And make sure there are no stray hairs sticking out. Then, give each section a good spritz of hairspray. This helps the hair stay smooth and in place.
  • Start Braiding: Now it’s time to braid! Take the section on the left and cross it over the middle one. Then, take the section on the right and cross it over the new middle. Keep switching sides – left, right, left, right – without letting go of the hair.
Here is how to classic braid a wig
  • Tying Off: If your wig is long, you can tie off the sections with ribbons to keep them separate while you braid. Use open elastic hair ties instead of closed ones to avoid tangles.
  • Smooth Along: While you’re braiding, take breaks to smooth out the strands. This helps prevent tangling and keeps the braid looking neat. You can also use clips to hold the braid together while you work on it.
  • Hairspray Finish: Once you’ve finished braiding, give the whole braid a good spray of hairspray. Make sure to spray underneath the braid too. This helps the braid stay smooth and stylish for a longer time.

Bonus Tip: If your braided wig gets a bit tangled or messy after wearing it, you can fix it up. Just apply some hairspray to the tangles and use a blow dryer’s heat to sort them out. Unbraid the hair beneath the wig, detangle it, and then braid it again if it’s tangled.

How to French Braid A Wig
Source: The Effortless Chic

Remember, the key is to be patient and take your time. It might seem like the prep work is longer than the actual braiding time. But it’s worth it for a clean and chic result!

Style Two: How to French Braid A Wig 

For a French braid, you’ve got to start with a wig that’s got a lot of hair. This is important so you don’t end up showing the wig’s foundation when you start parting and braiding. 

So, make sure the wig you buy has plenty of hair, especially at the back, and isn’t layered. Layers might stick out from the braids and make it look messy.

Now, let’s see how you can French braid a wig-

  • Start high up on the wig. Split it down the middle so you’ve got an equal amount of hair on each side.
how you can French braid a wig
  • Let’s say you start on the left side. Get three thin sections of hair close to the front hairline.
  • Give these sections a light spritz of hairspray. This helps keep things smooth.
  • Begin the braid by crossing the left section over the middle one. Then, cross the right section over the middle – you know, like you’re doing a regular braid.
tiding braided hair
  • Keep it going: cross the left over the middle, but this time, add a bit of wig hair from the front.
  • Cross the right strand over the middle, and add new wig hair from the back.
How to French Braid A Wig fast
  • Keep repeating these steps, adding new wig hair each time. Before you add it to the braid, use hairspray and a comb to make sure it’s smooth.
done with a section of hair
  • When you’re done with a section of hair, clip it to the side. This keeps things organized as you work.
  • One more thing – when you’re sectioning off hair, leave a little bit loose on top. This helps cover up any gaps in the wig. And remember, when you’re parting the hair at the back, go for a zigzag pattern instead of a straight line.
zigzag pattern instead of a straight line
Source: wigs101.
  • For the finishing, braid both sides of the wig using the same technique.
  • Now, here’s how to wrap it up: combine the ends of both braids at the back of your neck.
  • Tie each braid with an elastic cord to keep it from unraveling. Then, connect the braids together with a leather cord. This is where you can get creative and match it to your costume’s style.
How To Dutch Braid A Wig

Source: Allure

Bonus Tip: For a natural look, use a lace-front wig with a hand-tied hairline if your wig doesn’t have bangs. But if that’s too pricey, you can fake it by styling baby hair. Brush a few strands toward your face, trim them short, and shape them with hairspray and heat.

Style Three: How To Dutch Braid A Wig 

Dutch braids can make you look stunning and give you a polished look. So, here is the step-by-step process for Dutch braiding a wig-

  • Part your wig hair as you prefer. Note that with a lace frontal wig, you might not be able to part all the way down.
  • Brush the wig hair thoroughly to remove knots.
  • Use a bit of styling glue to tame any flyaways.
  • Start at the front with a small section of hair, and split it into three strands.
  • Begin braiding like a regular braid, but add hair from underneath as you go.
  • Continue adding hair to the middle strand as you braid, creating the Dutch braid look.
  • Repeat this process on the other side.
  • Keep braiding, adding more hair as you progress down the wig.
  • Secure the end of the braid using a small rubber band.
  • Enhance the look by adding hair beads or decorative items onto the rubber band.
trendy Dutch braids

With these steps, you’ll have those trendy Dutch braids perfectly styled on your wig! Here is a video guide for your convenience-

HOW TO: Dutch/Two Braids | On WIGS

No matter which style you go for, you will be needing some accessories for braiding. These include anti-frizz sprays, hair gels, etc. Make sure you got them before styling your wig with these braids. 

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray – Anti-frizz formula – Moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology
Got2B Glued Styling Spiking Hair GelWater-resistant

Some Tips For Wearing, Styling, & Maintaining Wigs 

By now, you know how to braid your wigs. But you should also know, how to maintain your wig and protect your natural hair. For that, we have prepared some tips you can check out- 

  • Consider your face shape when picking a braid style. Different styles may complement various face shapes better.
  • Choose the right length based on your comfort level.
  • Protect your hairline with silk or satin scarves to avoid friction and tension.
  • Wear a wig cap to hold your natural hair in place and provide scalp protection.
  • Adjust wig straps for a snug but comfortable fit.
  • Use wig clips or combs for added security, sewing them in if needed.
  • Gently cleanse the wig with mild shampoo and lukewarm water. Air dry it and use wig spray between washes.
  • Detangle using a wide-tooth comb or fingers, working from ends to roots.
  • Properly store your wig on a stand or mannequin head to maintain shape and prevent tangling. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Braid A Synthetic Wig? 

Yes, you can braid a synthetic wig! Styling synthetic wigs with braids is a fantastic choice to add elegance or a bohemian vibe. By braiding two front strands, then tying them together at the ends, you can braid a synthetic wig.

Should I Braid My Hair Under A Wig? 

Yes, you can braid your hair under a wig. In fact, braiding your hair under a wig is a great option! It’s one of the three recommended ways to wear your hair under a wig. Also, it makes it easier to moisturize and cleanse the scalp.

How Long Can I Keep Wig Braids In? 

It is recommended to keep your braids for a week if you regularly remove your wig at night. This duration helps in maintaining the health of both your braids and the scalp underneath.


Learning how to braid a wig adds a stylish touch to your look. With practice, you’ll master this skill and create fabulous braided wig styles effortlessly. So, go ahead and rock those braids!

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