Blue Male Polish: Why Do Guys Paint Their Nails Blue?

The most common reasons why guys paint their nails blue include:

  • Self-expression
  • Gender equality
  • Support for social causes
  • Fashion and style
  • Cultural diversity
  • Nail Protection
  • Relationship status 
  • Pandemic Reasons

However, you might want to know the underlying issues regarding guys painting their nails blue. Keep reading till the end of this article to know about things you might or might not know. 

Key Takeaways:

In this article, you will read about:

Why Do Guys Paint Their Nails Blue? 

From celebrities and movie stars to your average Joe, guys wearing blue polish has become a trend lately. 

Needless to say, this should grab your attention. More so, since the color is blue. And this has caught your attention as to why they’re using the color blue. 

This has become a hot topic for your ever-increasing curiosity.

But, the exact reason why guys paint their nails blue is always up for interpretation. 

Source: Cleveland Clinic

 But, still, some common reasons why guys paint their blue are:

  • Self-Expression:

Most of the guys who paint their nails blue do it to express themselves. Painting their nails blue gives them a chance to show their creativity and imagination. 

  • Gender equality:

One of the main reasons why guys paint their nail blue is to promote gender equality. Painting their nails blue gives them a chance to break years of stigma that only girls use nail polish. 

  • Support for Social Causes: 

Support for social causes and movements has also been the main reason behind guys wearing blue polish. 

In recent times, men have been showing support and awareness for many social campaigns by painting one fingernail blue. The most notable ones are the Manicure Movement and the Polished Man campaign

Source: Polished Man

  • Fashion and Style:

A great number of guys paint their nails blue out of style and fashion. Nail polish with different shades of blue has gained a lot of popularity among men recently. 

Celebrities like Johnny Depp openly rocks shades of blue on each finger in public. 

Source: Glamour

  • Nail Protection:

Some guys paint their nails just to protect them from damage. Painting nails with a base coat actually strengthens the nails and protect them from breaking. And some guys use blue polish for this purpose. 

  • Relationship Status: 

Signaling a person’s relationship through their fingernail color has become a recent trend on TikTok. The light blue nails that guys wear on social platforms mean that they’re in a relationship. 

  • Pandemic Reasons: 

Staying home for months during lockdowns due to the pandemic has made guys try all sorts of stuff. And wearing nail polish was one of them. Some guys still carry that practice and wear nail polish today. And the color blue might just be his favorite. 

What Does Wearing Blue Nail Polish Mean On A Guy?

A blue color polish on a guy is more than just a mere fashion sense. It has a lot deeper meaning than you could possibly know.

From letting people know about his personality to showing his creativity, it’s much deeper than that. He could be using the likes of periwinkle, light, teal, and about a hundred blue shades on his nails. 

And it could mean so much depending on the blue shade. So, in common, a blue color polish on his nails could mean that: 

Source: Beauti Classy

  • He is creative and imaginative.
  • He has an unorthodox and forward-thinking mindset.
  • He’s loyal and trustworthy.
  • He is in a relationship.
  • He’s calm and peaceful.
  • He’s wise and powerful.
  • He’s confident.
  • He may be an exciting guy full of adrenaline

And if he uses details like nail accents, wraps, or glitters, it reveals more about him than simple shades. 

Can Straight Guys Paint Their Nails Blue?

Straight men can definitely paint their nails blue or white or any color. 

Painting nails is not restricted to girls only. Guys can also wear nail polish, regardless if they are straight, gay, or bisexual. 

Guys can even choose to use nail accents, wraps, or glitters. 

So, guys painting their nails blue is totally their personal choice and decision. 

Tips For Applying Nail Polish For Guys

A greatly polished fingernail for guys is truly a rare sight to see. Whether he goes to the salon or does it himself, he always wants the best nails. So, if you know a guy using nail polish or using it yourself, check out these tips:

  • Before applying any nail polish, do the pre-polishing preps, like trimming and cleaning the nails. 
  • Use high-quality polish removers. 
  • Pick out the best-looking shade of your choice. 
  • Apply the polish in three strokes.
  • Use the best topcoat polish. 
  • Apply glitters or accents for a more gorgeous outlook. 
  • Apply cuticle oil to freshen up the nails. if you don’t have time for a manicure. Of course, make sure to opt for a high-quality product. 
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Getting the best look out of your nails can be a hectic job. You can use this video as a guide for this purpose:

10 ACTUALLY Helpful Tips for People That Are Horrible At Painting Nails

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Painting Nails Blue Only Limited to Guys?

No, wearing nail polish is not limited to guys only. The use of nail polish by guys has only recently gained attention, but it has long been a female practice. But, anyone can polish their nails, regardless of their gender. 

How Can I Start Painting My Nails Blue? 

You can start using blue nail polish by choosing the blue shade that suits your taste the most. Then, follow the basic nail polishing steps to apply it. You can see quick video tutorials for it. And if you want to up your nail game, you add accents, wraps, and glitters to it. 

Will Painting My Nails Damage Them?

No, wearing nail polish won’t harm your nails as long as you do it correctly. Use certified polishes from authentic brands to be on the safe side. 

Final Thoughts

Guys wearing blue nail polish is totally a personal matter of their taste and mood. We just tried to tell you the common reasons why guys paint their nails blue. Hope this article was helpful for you with our insight into the topic.

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