Why Do My Sideburns Curl? [Case Solved]

Curly sideburns can literally ruin your hairstyle. Plus they can also make you look a little odd. Thus, it’s definitely a must to hide the curly sideburns. 

But before that, look for answers regarding- why do my sideburns curl

Well, it can get curly for several reasons. For example, growing out your sideburns can later lead them to curl. Then dirty sideburns can also turn curly later on. How your sideburns look also depends on your hair type and texture. Lastly, genes and hormones can be blamed for the unusual change in sideburns. 

Now, this might not be enough to help fix the curly sideburns. That’s why we’ve provided an explained version of each reason and their fix. 

Therefore, don’t let your sideburns curl more and start reading! 

Are Your Sideburns Actually Curling Up?

Now, it’s essential to know whether or not your sideburns curling is a serious problem. Because sometimes it might look messy and curly. This happens because of moving a lot during sleeping. Or it might even occur if it’s a windy day. 

However, you can easily tame the messy sideburns through brushing. Sometimes you might have wet them too. But it won’t stay curly after that. 

So, if this is why your sideburns are curling, don’t worry! Because it’s normal. However, if the curls are stubborn and hard to tame, that’s something you should look at. 

Why Do My Sideburns Curl Up? 

Now, there are mainly 4 main factors responsible for curling your sideburns. So, let’s get to know them, shall we? 

Growing Sideburns Longer than Necessary

Now, it might be cool to grow out your sideburns. Because it can give you a unique look. However, while growing out the sideburns-

There’s a chance they’ll lose their texture. Your straight sideburns can become curly during this process. So, from one point, you’ll see the sideburns are growing but they’re curly. 

Not Cleaning Your Sideburns Enough 

We always try our best to keep our hair clean. But did you know that it’s important to clean your sideburns as well? 

Because when you go out, dust, dirt, sweat can get trapped in the sideburns. This later makes the texture of the sideburns dry and damaged. Hence, you’ll find them curling up.

Using Hairdryer to Dry the Sideburns 

Yes, a hairdryer is a great and fast way to dry your hair. But it can also damage your hair. And because of this, you can have some thick and thin hair strands

The same goes for your sideburns. The heat from the hairdryer takes away the moisture from the sideburns. This makes them prone to curling. 

Specifically said- they’ll firstly lose their original form and turn dry. Then you’ll see them turning frizzy and wavy. Lastly, they’ll take the form of stubborn curls. 

Curly Hair Texture and Type

Now, a common reason why your sideburns are curly is because of your hair texture. Because people with curly hair will surely grow curly sideburns. There are only a few exceptions where people with curls have straight sideburns. 

Genes or Hormones Are Causing It 

Now, we know that genes and hormones are directly related to hair growth, hair type, and texture. Thus, a change in them will cause our hair to change too. 

For example, because of genetic change or hormonal imbalance-

Your straight hair can become wavy or curly. As a result, your sideburns will also shift to the curly side.

How Do You Fix Curly Sideburns? 

Now, what to do with curly sideburns? 

Well, you can try and fix them. But for that, you’ll have to follow a step-by-step guide.

The best way to solve this issue is to trim the long sideburns. 

Trim Your Curly Sideburns

How to trim sideburns?

Well, there are mainly two options. You can either use a trimmer or razor to trim them. Now, before anything, you’ll have to prioritize the length. 

To determine the length, you’ll have to focus on two things. And these are your face shape and your personality. 

Now, let’s focus on the first factor which is the shape of your face. To get a good look-

You’ll need to consider trimming your sideburns in a way that suits your face shape. 

Thus, stand in front of the mirror and use the help of your index finger. Keep at different lengths- 

Sideburn LengthPosition of Finger
ShortAbove ear
LongMid ear 
Extra-long Below ear

After attempting all the lengths with your finger, figure out which suits you. Then use your trimmer to trim the sideburns at that length.  

For different facial structures, there are different lengths. For example, some men like to match their sideburns with their beards. Therefore, they trim both their beard and sideburns. This gives them a clean but edgy look. 

For example, if the length is past your face, cut it short with scissors. The curling should take place at the end of the sideburns. So, this way you’re cutting off the curly part. Then keep cutting the sideburns till they reach your ear length. 

Now, comb your sideburns in the direction of hair growth. This will keep them neat. Next, take a razor or trimmer. If you’re choosing a trimmer, make sure it has guards. Because this way you can choose your preferred length. 

Lastly, position your trimmer vertically. Then start trimming the sideburns in a downward motion. Do the same while using a razor which is- shave from up to down.

Wash and Moisture Your Sideburns

Now that you have trimmed your sideburns, you need to clean the sideburns. 

So, how to clean sideburns? 

Well, it’s pretty simple. While washing your hair, you can also wash and clean the sideburns. Just use the same hair products you’re using for washing your hair. And the sideburns should be cleaned. 

You might think it’s really hard to recover damaged and curly sideburns. But it’s actually easy. If you can, just simply trim them. However, you might want to keep your long sideburns. 

So, for that, you’ll have to moisturize the sideburns. Therefore, apply a little bit of oil to them. For example, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and essential oils should be your top choices. Because these also can help you if you suddenly have really tangled hair.

Then make sure you clean your sideburns while washing your hair. And don’t forget to apply conditioner as well. This will make them soft and easy to tame. 

Straighten the Curly Sideburns

Now, if you have curly hair, this shouldn’t really be a problem. Because the sideburns will match your natural hair. Hence, they’ll help to frame your face. 

However,  you can also straighten the curly sideburns. This way, you can match them to your straight hair. But be careful! This is only applicable for people with long sideburns. Because trying to straighten short curly ones will burn your skin.

Take Care of Your Hair and Sideburns

Now, to keep your hair healthy-looking, just follow these natural treatments- 

  • Eat veggies and meat 
  • Apply egg or onion juice to strengthen your hair 
  • Use crushed avocado to define your curls 
  • Apply oil to keep the curls moisturized

Now, if the sideburns are curly due to genetics or hormones, you can do one thing. And that’s- try to balance your hormones. After recovering from hormonal imbalance, you can bring back your original form of hair. 

How to Style Your Sideburns?

Now, let’s talk about styling your sideburns. Yup, styling the sideburns is really fun and easy. So, if you’re annoyed with them, just follow our lead-

Try Out Different Hairstyles to Hide Sideburns

Next, some might wonder- how to hide your sideburns? 

Well, there’s an easy way for that. You might be familiar with the bangs haircut. This allows some of the hair strands at the front to be shorter than the rest.

try out different hairstyles
Source: allur.com

For this haircut-

You’ll need to cut your hair from three parts- the left, middle, and right. While you’re cutting the left and right sides, you’re actually hiding your sideburns. 

Didn’t understand clearly?

Well, you’ll have to keep your bangs open most of the time. Because they’re too short to be clipped in. Plus that way, you won’t look good anyway.

Hence, if you have long parts of hair at your left and right of the face-

You’re basically hiding the sideburns.  

Lastly, you can always straighten your curly sideburns to match your hair. To make them stay put, just use a bit of hair spray. 

Embrace Your Sideburns 

By the way, my lovely ladies, you can also rock your long and curly sideburns! Just take a small section of hair from each side. Then curl them along with sideburns. 

Now, either tie your loosely or do a messy bun with a scrunchie. This can be a new and elegant look. 

Also, to add a bit of 80s vibe to it-

Grab a polka dot or floral scarf and use it as a headband. How to use a scarf as a headband? 

It’s super easy- 

Fold your square scarf diagonally and create a triangle. Then continue folding till it gets a thin headband-looking form. 

Now, place the scarf on your shoulders. Then pull the two sides upwards. 

Remember- the headband should be under your hair. The sideburns should be free and in front of the scarf. Also, make sure the scarf is right behind your ears.  

Now, just wrap the scarf and bring the two sides of it back under your hair. Lastly, tie the two sides. And that’s it! You’ve got a new hairstyle with curly and long sideburns.

By the way, you think it’s difficult to tie your hair like this, you can just buy a headband. 

Just pick the one you like and style your sideburns!

How to Get Rid of Sideburns?

You just can’t stand your curly sideburns and want to get rid of them?

Well, you can surely do that. We have mentioned two ways to properly get rid of your sideburns- 

OptionsPositive SideNegative Side
ShavingCheap and easy Cause cuts, thick and sharp hair. 
Laser TreatmentPermanent and causes no harm to skinExpensive

Now, which one do you want to pick? 

Well, we’ve provided instructions for both options. So, definitely keep reading!

Shave Your Sideburns 

First of all, pull your hair back and keep it behind your ears. Use hair clips to keep them there. Then apply a bit of conditioner to the sideburns. The conditioner will keep your skin under the hair smooth after shaving. 

Now, once you’re done with applying the conditioner, take your razor. Then start shaving the sideburns from up to down. This way you’ll get rid of the sideburns easily. 

By the way, you might think of waxing the sideburns. Well, to be honest, that can be really painful. Because sometimes you can even rip off your skin. So, best to avoid that. 

Instead, use a good-quality facial hair removing razor and trimmer. We’ve mentioned some to help you out- 

schick dermaplaning tool

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Tool

philips norelco mg3750 trimmer

Philips Norelco MG3750 trimmer

Use any of these to get a clean and smooth shave. 

Laser Treatment to Remove Sideburns 

Now, according to some dermatologists, shaving your sideburns is a big no. Because there’s a possibility-

They can grow out to be thicker and sharper. For that reason, you’ll have difficulty shaving the sideburns next time.

Hence, they promote laser treatment for hair removal. This way you can get rid of facial hair and sideburns with any pain. 

Sometimes the hair is removed permanently as well. Thus, you don’t have to worry about removing the sideburns again. But laser treatment is pretty expensive. So, not everyone can afford it.

Anyway, it’s your choice! What do you want to do with your sideburns? 

We hope you’ll think wisely and come to a conclusion that you’ll not regret! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do to fix curly sideburns?

To fix your curly sideburns, you can firstly trim them or cut them short. Then straighten to match your hair type. Lastly, you can even shave, wax or use laser treatment to remove them.

How do I flatten my sideburns?

To flatten the sideburns, you can use gel, pomade, or even heat styling. These are three ways you can easily tame and flatten your sideburns.

How do I fix my messy sideburns?

Messy sideburns can be a sight for sore eyes. So, to fix them, you can cut or trim them. You can even permanently get rid of them with the help of laser treatment. Another option is to use gel or pomade to flatten them.


We’ve run out of information! So, that’s all on why do my sideburns curl

By the way-

You can have curly sideburns because of your unhealthy eating habit or malnutrition. Therefore, to stop growing curly sideburns, start eating well! 

Now, best of luck taking care of the sideburns. Also, don’t forget to share the update!

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