Summer 2024 Nail Art: 10 Stunning Designs!

You are probably here because you are a nail care enthusiast, or you just simply love to try out new products. The good thing is that the summer season is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to show out your nails to the world. However, it’s not always to gain access to the latest art designs out there.

So, we take a look at 11 nail art designs to dazzle up in this Summer 2022. These are simply unique nail paints and patterns which you can apply to your nail bed. Below is a comprehensive list of some of them

Creative Nail Art Design 1

creative nail art design1

Starting this list out would be this lovely nail paint job. It involves the use of three different colours. More so, the nail paint also includes painting three nails differently. These include painting the little finger, index finger and thumb using a fresh coat of nail polish. Next, pain the middle and ring finger using different designs. Two on either hand should have black coat, with a unique design, while the remaining two should have a white coat with a unique pattern.

Creative Nail Art Details 2

nail art designs

The next category in this list would be painting your nails using a different shade of colour. However, you don’t have to coat the entire nail, but just apply a specifc line coat.

You can opt for any colour, as long as they are different from the rest of the ones you apply to your fingers. A few of these excellent colours to consider include yellow, blue, green, orange, red and more.

Creative Nail Art Design 3

easy nail art designs

Once again, here is a unique art design where you have to apply a different coat to the structure of your nails. The basis of the approach to nail design is to apply a different coat to specific nails. Three fingers on each hand has to get a plain coat of pink nail polish. These include the middle finger, index finger and pinky finger. However, the ring finger gets a unique pattern which includes four colours. These include black, pink, white and light green. Finally, the pointing finger gets a plain coat of green.

Creative Nail Art Design 4

summertime nail art designs

The other unique approach to use in painting your hands would be this creative application of nail paint. It involves applying a base coat of cream paint on all your fingernails. Start by applying a light pink coat of paint to the fingers. Then, proceed to apply a black and white paint on your nails. Balance it along with some light blue to bring some realness to the water. However, applying this type of paint might require some experience to get the best results.

Creative Nail Art Design 5

fall nail art designs

If you love spending time at the beach, or just want an excellent way to reminiscence emotions you get from such a place – then this nail paint is for you. It involves using a set of six colours, and a bit of effort on your part.

Start by applying a luminous green paint on your nails, in the shape of a triangle. Then, things get unique on the ring finger of each of your hands. Apply a yellow base, with some red and pink. Then, draw a palm tree using black over this point.

Creative Nail Art Design 6

christmas nail art designs

Portrayed in different unique colours, fire can be an excellent way to communicate positive motions. Paint your nails unique using these approaches, and you will surely have the rest of your friends impressed. It involves using a unique set of colours, to paint a fire pattern on your nails. The colors you need for this paint approach include purple, yellow, green, pink and white. Start the process by applying clear acrylic nails, and then apply the fire paint above the nails.

Creative Nail Art Design 7

french manicure nail art designs

For those who want something low key, and still make a good impression with your nail care – consider this particular design. It involves the strategic use of gel nails and acrylics, which are shaped to suit the size of nail bed. Stary by applying a light blue acrylic gel paint on all the fingers. However, things get unique on the middle and ring finger. Cut the acrylic nails into a triangular structure, and then apply well shaped acrylics over them.

Creative Nail Arts Design 8

line nail art designs

Who knew a fresh paint nail coat and unique flower patterns could leave such a good result on your hands? Try out this approach to nail paint which involves painting your fingernails differently.

It involves painting three fingers different, which include the thumb, ring and index finger. However, the middle finger gets a unique design, which includes four colours. Start by applying a white base coat, and then draw three flowers on either ends of the nail. The upper and flower should have a light blue, and black colour. And, the side should have a pink and black finish.

Creative Nail Art Designs 9

toe nail art designs

Who does not love lemons, especially the yellow juicy ones? Aren’t they just healthy. Try out this approach to nail paint which includes using a set of two unique colors. Yes, its amazing what you can do with two colours, and a clear coat of nail paint. The good thing about this approach is that each finger gets the same design coat. Start by applying some clear nail polish to each nail. Then apply three small lemons on the surface of the nail carefully.

Creative Nail Art Design 10

simple nail art designs

In this section, here is where you need to be a bit critical with the details. Start it off by applying a light pink base paint coat on each finger. Then, apply a black coat to the thumb.

Next, apply a curved blac design on the upper section of your nail, such that it touches on the upper surfaces. Then, apply some glitter in the form of an L-design(use glitter) on the lower left base of the nail. For the ringer finger, the L-design using color black. On the side section of the nail, apply the silver finish and it should sit inside the black L design.

Then, for the middle finger, draw a square base on the right section of the nail, so that it takes up a large portion of the nail. Then draw a whote flower above it, and connect it to a small square drawn using glitter.

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