5 Stunning Aurora Nail Designs Worth Your Time

Inspired mostly by the mystical cultures of the world, aurora nail designs make up for an excellent way to get your nails looking good. However, pulling off this look is not easy when you don’t have the right information.

Luckily, we take a look at upto 5 stunning aurora nail designs worthy of your time. These nail types have many fans from across the world, and it’s easy to see why. They are easy to pull off, look appealing, and can be paired with different designs.

Aurora Nail Design-1

aurora nail design-1
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 30 minutes.

Items required – short tipped acrylic nails, nail jewelry, glitter paint, a clear coat and multi-colored nail polish.

The Steps 

Start by applying the multi-colored nail design on your index finger. Then, apply a light purple coat on your ring finger, and complement the design with some jewelry. For the middle finger, apply a unique glitter coat, and a light purple coat for the index finger.

You can also complement the look with a clear coat, which helps accentuate the appeal of each color.

Aurora Nail Design-2

aurora nail design-2
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 40 minutes.

Items required – aurora curved tipped nails, a clear coat, nail glue and disinfectant.

The Steps 

Start by setting the aurora curved tipped acrylics over the structure of your nails. Then, apply some glue over your nails, and set the aurora nails over them. The next step is to apply a clear coat over your nails, and let them sit under an LED light for curing purposes.

Aurora Nail Design-3

aurora nail design-3
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 55 minutes.

Items required – light purple nail paint, glitter, a clear coat, nail glue and an LED.

The Steps 

The next contender on this list would be this aurora nail design that involves the use of a unique glitter finish and purple nails. Start by applying the light purple nail paint on all your nails, and apply the silver coat on the middle finger

For the ring finger, apply a unique glitter nail coat, which should sit for a few minutes untouched to ensure the best results.

Aurora Nail Design-4

aurora nail design-4
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Application Time – 35 minutes.

Items required – light blue christmas themed aurora nails, a clear coat, nail glue and short tipped acrylics.

The Steps 

When you are out looking for a new nail design, try out something new, especially something that blends with the theme of the year. For this nail design, apply light blue acrylics over the structure of your nails. Play around the placement of the light blue nail polish so that your nails look organized and unique.

Then, set Christmas themed acrylics over the acrylics, and apply a white colour over the nails. Be careful not to damage the quality of the acrylic nails, and consider using an LED light for curing purposes.

Aurora Nail Design-5

aurora nail design-5
Source: Beautybigbang.com

Ingredients – short tipped aurora nails, nail glue, a clear coat, and an LED light.

The Steps 

Start by setting the unique aurora acrylics over the structure of your nails. Then, apply a clear coat over your nails, and let it sit under an LED light for curing purposes. Remember that you have to be careful when handling the aurora nails. Do this to help avoid causing damage to the structure of your nails and the acrylics.

That is pretty much all to expect when you want to apply this nail design. You can play around with the position of the acrylic nails to help make your nails look appealing. 

Things to Consider When Applying Aurora Nail Designs 

Before you can start experimenting with different aurora nail designs, be careful so that you can be using such products for years. Below is a quick run down of some helpful tips:

  • Use nail glue only – avoid using any other adhesives such as super glue as they contain toxic chemicals that are not good for your nails.
  • Clean your nails thoroughly – use products such as disinfectant to clean the structure of your nails to remove fungi or bacteria.
  • Use some biotin – it is a Vitamin B derivative that will help boost the growth and durability of your nails. 
  • Give your nails a break – take a break from using acrylics so your nails can grow back properly. 
  • Get a nail care set – you need a nail care set to cut your nails, and to shape them for specific applications.
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