9 Simple DIY Toenail Designs 2023

If you like wearing flip flops or spending time outdoors with your friends, you probably know the importance of making your nails look appealing. There are a few nail art designs that you will want to try out and they are sure to impress your mates.

However, the issue is that these designs do not easily apply, and most of them require immense effort for the best outcomes. With this guide, you will find it easy to transition into a skilled nail product professional.

So, without further adieu, let us dive right into this list we have ready for you:

1. Blue Toe Nails

blue toe nails

There is something unique with going for a fresh coat of paint for your toenails. While you go for a unique design, you have the plain coat of light blue looks appealing. 

You may have to apply it with some clearless nail polish to ensure the best results. More so, the curing process is also crucial, as you are applying a fresh coat of paint.  

2. Green Sprout Toe Nails

green sprout toe nails

The world is increasingly going towards a sustainable environment. So, use this fresh coat of paint this summer to make a good impression with your role in making the world sustainable. 

To be specific, this approach of nail paint involves the use of two colors, green and white. Start by applying a fresh coat of white paint on the big toe, middle toe, and the fourth toe.  Then, proceed to complement it with a unique paint of green leafs, from the edges on the side.

However, for the remaining nails apply a fresh coat of dark green, and ensure the coat of paint is well cured. However, for this coat of paint, you won’t have to use a nail polish.

3. Purple Glitter Toe Nails

purple glitter toe nails

You can go subtle yet again with the coat of paint that you apply on your nails. Using a coat of clueless nail polish might also be unique for this process. The main reason for this is because it’s a fresh coat of clear nail polish.

Start by applying the clearless nail polish on all your nails. Then, proceed to apply the dark blue finish on all your nails. Ensure you make the application consistent, so that the end result looks organized.

4. Orange Toe Nails

orange toe nails

If you are looking for a unique way to get creative with things on your toenails, consider this unique approach to painting to your toenails. However, be careful, so that each nail has a unique appeal.

Start with the big toe, and apply the light pink paint. Then, proceed to complement it with a light finish of glitter on the edges. On the second nail, apply a light blue coat of nail paint. On the middle toe, apply some grey paint, and complement it with some flitter. 

5. Light Purple Toe Nails

light purple toe nails

You can still manage to make your nails look appealing this coming summer with a single coat of paint. To be specific, for this nail paint application, use a clear coat of purple over your nails.

The key is to ensure that it cures right to ensure the best results. Use an LED light for this process.

6. Flower Toe Nails

flower toe nails

For this flower toenails design, you will also have to be creative with your use of nail paint products. Start by applying a plain colour coat over all your nails, except the large toe.

For the large toe, things get a bit unique. Paint a white coat, and let it cure for a few minutes. Then, apply your preferred stencil design on the left and right edge of either toe. Next, apply some glue, and glitter to this section – then let it sit.

7. Spot Toe Nails

spot toe nails

If you like going bold with things, consider this unique approach to applying nail paint. While it may look complex and appealing, the technique just involves strategic use of two nail paint colours.

As usual with all unique toenail designs, the key lies in the curing process. Start this nail paint design by applying a red coat of paint over the nails. Then, get some white nail paint, and make polka dot patterns on all your nails.

Let it sit as it cures under an LED light.

8. Line Charm Toe Nails

line charm toe nails

Aren’t these line charm toe nails simply stunning? Well, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to making your nails look this way.

You need three colours, and a unique silver lining on the center section of each nail. Start by applying the silver coat as it will be the dividing line for these two colours on each nail.

Then, apply a light blue coat on the top and lower sections of your nail.

9. Silver Toe Nails

silver toe nails

There is something appealing about nails that have unique patterns, and this is what you can expect with this nail art.

It involves the use of three nail colours. These colours include grey, pink and white. Plus, you may also need a stencil to ensure the best results.

Start by applying a dark grey nail coat on all your toenails, except the middle nail. For the first toenail, apply a unique leaf or flow stencil over the grey paint. Then paint over the stencils with some white paint.

For the remaining nails, apply polka dot designs on either the lower right or left edges.

Katharyn Riedel

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