Get Dua Lipa’s New Hairstyle At Home: Two Easy Looks

Copying your favorite celebrity hairstyle can be counted as a hobby these days. But recreating the perfect look might seem difficult all by yourself. Even more so, if it’s a famous pop star like Dua Lipa.

But Dua Lipa’s this year’s Grammy look is simple yet gorgeous. Dua Lipa’s hairstyle has been in the talk since the Grammy 2022 award. No wonder fans are hyped up with this new look. And interestingly, it’s not that hard of a look to recreate at home.

The singer has dyed her hair black recently. She wore two hairstyles at the event. One was the straight hair parted in the middle. Another was a tousled wavy hairstyle with an elegant pink-ball gown.

Now that doesn’t seem so complex, does it? Stay tuned to get Dua Lipa’s new hairstyle at home!

Dua Lipa’s Latest Hair Transformation

Dua Lipa never fails to amaze her fans with her looks. From platinum to bubblegum, raspberry to blonde she killed it in all hair colors. 

But her latest look at the Grammys has left people speechless. The artist has changed her hair color to black again. 

In one of her Instagram posts, she asked her fan’s opinion on dark-hair color. A few days later she went to the Grammys with her newly dyed black hair. 

We see her with two new hairstyles at the Grammys. One with straight hair parted in the middle for the red carpets. Another is tousled waves at her performance. People were surprised to see no “Birkin bangs” she previously had.

How To Get Dua Lipa’s New Hairstyle At Home?

Creating Dua Lipa’s latest hairstyle wouldn’t be as hard as her former hairstyle. Because her new hairstyle gives a more natural and easy elegant look. 

If you’re still wondering how to create the same look, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you have to do-

Hairstyle-1: Straight Hair Parted In Middle

Undoubtedly, this is one of the easiest Dua Lipa hairstyles you can recreate yourself. All you need is long black hair. 

But is your hair black? 

If not you can dye it black at home. The rest of the process is easy. Let’s take a look-

dua lipa hair

Step-1: Straighten Your Hair

First thing first, straighten your hair with a hair straightener. Even with natural or rebonding straight hair, you’d need a touch-up with a straightener.

dua lipa long hair
Source: Loreal Paris

Step-2: Part Hair In The Middle

Brush your hair neatly and make a part in the middle. Place your parted hairs to the back of your shoulder.

dua lipa hairstyle

Hopefully, your hair is cut straight in the back. If not, take a scissor and make a straight haircut from the back. Comb your hair again and see if the cut is made alright. This should give symmetrical look.

And that’s it, very easy, right? This definitely makes it into the top ten easiest celebrity hairstyles in 2022.

Hairstyle-2: Tousled Wavy Hair

On Dua Lipa’s performance at Grammys 2022, she wore a tousled wavy hairstyle. With her shiny waves and gorgeous pink-ball gown, came an elegant look. 

You can recreate this look too. But it’ll need a bit more effort than the first hairstyle.

dua lipa short hair

Step-1: Sectioning Your Hair

Just like the previous hairstyle, straighten your hair first. Then part your hair in the middle. Basically, you’ve to repeat the first hairstyle. Once done, take a section of hair from the top and clip it. 

dua lipa new haircut
Source: Paul Mitchell

Step-2: Use Hair Curler

Take another small section of hair under the clipped hair section. Twirl it on the hair curler and keep it for a few seconds. 

Now, take small hair sections vertically and curl them for 5-7 seconds. Repeat this process until you get all the hair sections done.

dua lipa hair dye
Source: Paul Mitchell

Step-3: Sectioning Your Hair

Put down the clipped hair and twirl them to curl. Try to keep the curl natural and don’t use perfect partings. 

Now, go through each section with your fingers to give it a natural look. For finishing, spray a light coat of hair spray wax. That’ll keep them set in place.

dua lipa hair clip
Source: Paul Mitchell

Doesn’t sound that complex right? Hopefully, you’ve got the look you were waiting for.

More Infos On Dua Lipa’s Hairstyle 

Dua Lipa’s hairstyle is constantly changing. It’s hard to keep up with her pace. But we can help you a little more with some more Infos.

What Type of Hairstyle does Dua Lipa Mostly Prefer?

Dua Lipa adorns varieties of hairstyles and colors as seen from her previous hairstyles. But in a talk, she revealed that she prefers the bob-cut hairstyle mostly.

What Is Dua Lipa’s Natural Hair Color?

Dua Lipa’s hair color has changed her hair colors quite a few times. From dark brown to platinum, bubblegum, raspberry, blond, black, and many more. But her original hair color is dark brown.

Is It True That Dua Lipa’s Choppy Fringe Hairstyle Is Due To Bleach Damage?

Yes, in a talk Dua Lipa revealed it to be true. She said her hair is breaking due to bleaching. As a result, the new choppy fringe hairstyle came up. Although she’s rocking it, that might not be the case for everyone.

That was all about how to get Dua Lipa’s new hairstyle at home. hoping this discussion was enjoyable for you. Don’t wait for later and doll up as your favorite pop star today.

See you next time!

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