How to Thin Gel Polish + (Helpful Products & Steps!)

The process of thinning gel polish is important for various reasons. It helps maintain a healthy nail bed, and also ensures you have a manicure that offers longevity. 

Issues like the thickness and gooiness of nail polish can lead to issues like difficulty in application. However, the thinning process ensures the gel becomes easier to use and even improves its longevity.

Therefore, this guide looks at all you need to know about “how to thin gel polish.”

How to Thin Gel Polish 

We came up with a few different techniques you can use to restore your gel polish, including:

Approach #1. Use the Quick Fix Approach 

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Here are the steps involved in fixing gel polish fast:

  1. Mix the Pigments Either Through Rolling or Flipping

Mix the pigments by flipping the nail polish bottle. It is the first technique because it might be all your polish needs for restoration. Flip the bottle over, and shake it to mix the ingredients. Ensure you keep flipping it for a few minutes to help achieve the best consistency levels. 

You can also roll the bottle between your hands because it encourages the pigment to mix. We recommend you avoid shaking because it can cause bubbles in the polish. 

  1. Set the Bottle in Some Hot Water

Another alternative involves setting the nail polish in some hot water. Close the bottle tightly, and use the cap to hold it comfortably.

Finally, text the newly thinned gel polish for the right consistency. You can taste like a table on your unpolished nail or a glass surface.

Approach #2. The Long-Term Approach 

Can I use acetone to thin gel polish?
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We also identified some techniques that you can use to solve gel polish with advanced density issues. Here are these techniques:

  1. Use Some Nail Thinner

Nail thinner works “WONDERS” when it comes to thinning gel polish. It’s a product specifically developed for this process. 

Get an eye dropper to make this mixing process easy. We also recommend picking the right gel nail thinner for healthy nails. 

When using nail thinner, don’t shake the bottle first after adding in the drops. Instead, add the drops and let the mixture sit for a few minutes before shaking. Doing this helps improve the ability of the thinner to break down the gel polish.

  1. Use Some Acetone

Acetone is another helpful resource you can use for thinning gel nail polish. It works almost the same steps involved in using nail thinner. However, be careful with the acetone because it can sometimes be overpowering for gel polish products. 

You might have to add a few more acetone droplets to improve its consistency and quality. While gauging the right amount might be difficult, you will soon get the hang of this process. 

What are Some Helpful Tips When Thinning Gel Nail Polish?

How do you fix gel nail polish that is too thick?
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There are various helpful tips you should implement when using gel nail polish, including:

  1. Clean your nail brush after using the gel nail polish. We recommend you do this to avoid causing damage to your brush. Any excessive gel polish on your brush can lead to long damage issues.
  2. Ensure you use controlled amounts of acetone or alcohol. Doing this is important because watery gel polish can be difficult to handle or use for your nails. Ensure you add the alcohol slowly as you check for the consistency of the gel polish.
  3. Let your gel polish sit undisturbed after the thinning process. Doing this ensures the gel polish and your product or technique can produce the best results.
  4. Have some nail strengtheners and conditioners with you after using any of these products. The nails are delicate, and these products are important for their maintenance. 

What Should You Do If You Made The Gel Polish Too Thin?

Will alcohol thin gel polish?
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There are various things you can do when you have made the gel polish too thin, including:

  1. Ensure you shake the gel polish after the thinning process. It’s possible that the ingredients might have failed to mix as required.
  2. Use a thin base coat layer when working on your nails. Because of the thin nail polish, you might also have to cure it longer than usual.
  3. Try to add some resin and a monomer to your gel polish. It helps to thicken your gel polish.
  4. Ensure you read all the instructions for using your gel products before use. Doing this can help save you from the hassles of handling thin gel polish.

What are the Benefits of Thinning Gel Polish?

Is there a gel polish thinner?
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There are various benefits of thinning gel nail polish, including:

  1. It is smooth to apply. Thinning gel polish will make it easy to apply to your nails. That is because it helps reduce its density, thus making it perfect for the nail bed.
  2. Ease of use. Well-thinned gel polish is easier to control during the application process. You won’t have to deal with issues like clunky gel nail polish.
  3. Improved longevity. Since gel polish is thicker than traditional nail polish products, thinning it improves its longevity. It is particularly beneficial when you don’t want to remove your nails regularly. 
  4. Better nail adhesion benefits. Thinning gel polish helps improve its adhesion benefits, especially for those with smooth nail beds.
  5. Color mixing benefits. You will also find it easy to mix different nail colors, after taking your polish through the thinning process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use Acetone to Thin Gel Polish?

Yes, it’s possible to use acetone to thin gel polish. However, you must control the specific amounts you add to your polish. Overdoing it can easily cause the nail polish to become thin and difficult to use.

How Do You Fix Gel Nail Polish That Is Too Thick?

There are various ways to fix gel nail polish that is too thick. You can mix it with nail thinner or acetone or set it in hot water. The specific technique you use varies and depends on your preferences.

Will Alcohol Thin Gel Polish?

Yes, you can use alcohol to thin gel polish. However, you must also control the specific amounts used in each application. About two to three percent of alcohol should be sufficient for each application.

Is There a Gel Polish Thinner?

Yes, there is a gel polish thinner that can find at stores. Its primary purpose is to help with gel polishes, not any other similar variant. The gel polish thinner is also ideal because it doesn’t compromise the appeal or longevity of the polish.

Can I Just Soak My Gel Nails in Acetone?

Yes, you can soak your gel nails in acetone. It is one of the most effective techniques for removing gel polish at home. However, you must also be careful with this process to avoid damaging the nails.

How Do You Make Gel Polish Less Clumpy?

There are various ways of making gel polish less clumpy. You can add a few drops of the polish remover directly to the bottle. You then have to swirl and roll the polish in your hands till it achieves the perfect consistency.

How Can I Thin My Nail Polish Without Acetone?

The best way to thin nail polish without acetone is to use hot water. That is because hot water is highly effective and a natural alternative compared to the chemical-laced types. You must also be careful when using hot water to break down your gel nails.

Can You Use Hand Sanitizer to Thin Nail Polish?

Yes, it’s possible to use hand sanitizer to thin nail polish. It is an alcohol-based product that is safe for the hands and fingers. However, be careful in the amounts you mix into each batch of polish.

Does Alcohol Mess up Gel Polish?

Yes, alcohol can mess up gel polish. It is one of the main reasons you must be careful when adding each amount. You must measure each portion before adding it to your polish for the best results.

There are various ways of thinning gel polish. You can use a nail thinner, acetone, or some hot water. The ideal technique for thinning gel polish depends on your needs and the results you expect.

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