Why Are The Ends Of My Hair White?- Your Question Answered

The tips of your hair are getting white. And you are not sure how to get rid of it. Worried if this is normal? Well, we have all the answers to your questions. 

So, why are the ends of my hair white?

Your hair might be turning white due to a few different reasons. This might be due to split ends. Or maybe you’re using too much heat on your hair. Moreover, chlorine can also change your hair color. Sometimes, lack of moisture on your hair can also be the cause. Furthermore, excessive smoking can cause this problem. 

Well, these are just the reasons. To find out more about these in detail, dive into our segment. We’ll explain all these in detail. 

Why Are The Tips Of My Hair Turning White? (Temporary Solutions)

Your hair might be white due to a number of reasons, But first, let’s clear out some of the obvious ones.

There is a slight chance that this is just dandruff. And the white tips are just flakes falling off of your hair. In that case, you can opt for some dandruff prevention shampoo to clear it.   

Besides this, there is a chance you might’ve been pranked. Maybe somebody put white paint on your hair. Or maybe they dyed a strand or a chunk of hair. Therefore try washing your hair first. 

And if it doesn’t go away, wait out a couple more days. And you have to see if the color fades away or not. If this isn’t solving your problem, we have some more below!

Why Do The Ends Of My Hair Look White?

Are you noticing white spots at the end of your hair? Well, this can happen sometimes, but don’t worry. Because this is totally curable. 

Moreover, if you also have white ends, these hacks are applicable here as well. So let’s see some ways we can get rid of these!

ends of hair
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Reason 1: Split Ends

Split ends are the number one reason for this problem. The end of the hair strands might start to split causing the loss of color. By split, we mean one of your hair strands will divide into two or more strands. 

Besides color loss, your hair also becomes very rough and frizzy. Now, let’s check out how to treat this. 


Well, you can use split-ends correcting products to help with this. Or you can use the treatment to temporarily seal the splits. However, if you stop using them, your hair will start showing split ends again.

Thus for a more permanent solution, you can trim your hair. And this will cut off the split ends. It’ll also make your hair much smoother and frizz-free. 

Besides, get a trim every 3 or 4 months for healthy-looking hair. 

Reason 2: Chlorine In Water

Sometimes, chlorine might affect your hair. If you’re someone who swims a lot, this might happen to you. The chlorine in the water has the ability to bleach your hair. Thus, you’ll end up with white tips!

chlorine in water
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The quickest solution is to wear a silicone cap on your head while swimming. 

Besides covering your hair, you can also rinse your hair. And when you enter the pool your hair will absorb less chlorine.

Moreover, you can also add coconut or Moroccan oil to your hair. Also, olive oil helps bring your natural color back. Simply take a pea-sized amount and run it through your hair!

Furthermore, you can also buy hair protectants. These will very much be effective for a regular swimmer. 

Reason 3: Excessive Use Of Heating Styling Tools

Styling your hair with heating tools regularly can damage your hair. Slowly the heat might start lightening your hair color. And eventually, your hair color will start to fade starting from the ends.

Moreover, heating tools when not used properly can also damage your hair. And it might also promote split ends and hair fall!

effect of heating tools on hair
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Well, the main solution will be to cut off the use of these tools. But if that’s impossible, you need to use heat protectant sprays before using these tools. 

Plus to help you out, we have some options. You can check some of these most recommended ones:

paul mitchell hot off the press thermal protection spray

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray

sheamoisture anti-breakage spray

SheaMoisture Anti-Breakage Spray

These products are amazing and you’ll notice the results immediately!

Besides using these, you also need to have a good hair care routine. Coconut oil can be very nourishing to your hair. Thus it’ll also help to reduce heat damage.

Moreover, you can also do some DIY hair masks to further up your hair game!

Reason 4: Melanocyte Cell Depletion

Melanocytes are specialized cells that give your hair color. So, the lack of melanocytes might cause the loss of pigment on your hair. 

This is more common in those who are above the age of 50. But to be certain that this is your problem, get it checked by a professional! 

melanocyte cell depletion
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At times, there is nothing you can actually do. Because the melanocyte dying is a natural process. It happens especially to those who are over the age of 50. As you get older, all these cells will eventually die due to oxidative stress. 

However, if you’re under the age of 50, you can try out a more healthy diet. Now, this can only prolong the process but not stop it. 

For that, an iron or copper-rich diet can promote the growth of these cells. You can incorporate liver, oysters, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, and leafy greens into your diet. This will help melanocytes to increase in your body. 

Moreover, you can also add catalase to your diet. This is an antioxidant that helps restore the natural color of your hair. 

Reason 5: Excessive Smoking

Cigarettes contain toxins that can harm your hair and your other body parts. The damage in your hair follicles thus leads to early white hair. 

Besides that, smoking also constricts blood flow to your hair follicles. Therefore, this might cause the loss of color. 

loss of hair color
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For your hair to get back its color, you need to stop smoking. You can try nicotine replacement therapy to help with your problem. 

Moreover, you can also try eating a dill pickle or some tart candy. This will also help you to slowly but surely get rid of your habit. 

Furthermore, chewing gum also helps you from smoking. And eventually, you’ll be able to quit smoking fully. 

Reason 6: Excessive Use Of Chemical Dyes

Using dyes on a regular basis can also make your hair white. This is because these contain harsh chemicals that cause pigmentation loss. Moreover, this might also cause permanent damage!

permanent hair damage
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There are two ways you can treat this. One is by cutting or trimming the ends of your hair. Secondly, you can use natural dyes to cover it. 

You can choose from a wide range of options. The most common one is henna. And this is really good for your hair. Moreover, henna doesn’t really expire, so you can use it for more than a year. And you’ll get many added hair benefits as well using this!

 Moreover, you can also use curry leaves and oil to darken your hair. Also, bhringraj leaves and oil work wonders to cover your white hair as well. 

Furthermore, you can also use amla, black tea, and ridge gourd to naturally color your hair. 

How To Avoid Getting White Ends In The Future?

There are ways you can prevent it from happening in the future. These techniques will help you take better care of your health and hair. Therefore, you can say goodbye to white ends!

Change Bedding

change bedding
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You can also change your bedding to help lessen damage to your hair. Silk or satin pillowcases are really good for your hair. This will help reduce friction between your hair and the pillow. Thus, it’ll help to reduce the chances of split ends as well!

Moreover, satin or silk is also good for your skin. This is because they prevent your skin from bunching off against harsh materials. And thus it helps to reduce wrinkles.

Eating More Antioxidant

eating more antioxidant
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A healthy lifestyle will mean a healthy diet. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a definitive amount of antioxidants in it. This reduces oxidative stress and thus helps reduce the whitening of hair. 

Therefore, enrich your diet with fresh vegetables and food. Moreover, green tea, olive oil, and fishes are also full of antioxidants. Therefore, improving your eating habits can help with your problem.

Hair whitening can also cause deficiencies in your body. Vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, vitamin D, or vitamin E are some of the ones. Therefore, you need to include more foods that contain vitamins in your diet.

You can try seafood, eggs, meats, etc. to get your vitamins. These are good sources of vitamin B-12. Moreover, there are also milk, salmon, and cheese which are high in vitamin D.

vitamin D
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Besides these, you can also take vitamin supplements. This will correct your deficiency and help keep you healthy. And if you’re healthy, so will be your hair!

vitamin E
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Why Are The Ends Of My Pubic Hair White?

Melanin depletion can be a reason for this. This provides the pigment on your hair. The older you become, the less pigment it produces. Thus your hair starts to turn gray or white. 

However, a fungal infection can also be the reason. This is caused by a kind of yeast infection. And this fungal infection coats the hair with a white substance. These are just some of the symptoms of trichomycosis axillaris 

The treatment is to shave the hair off. And this will also clear off the infection from that area. Just use a benzoyl peroxide gel to clean the area regularly.

Why Are The Ends Of My Armpit Hair White?

The same fungal infection can also happen in your armpit area. And you need to shave all the hair off immediately. After that, you need to use gel wash regularly to clean the area. 

Besides these, use antiperspirant to help with the treatment. Moreover, this will also prevent this fungus from infecting again.  

This is basically how you can help yourself with your problem.  Finally, check if these white ends cure within the next 3 to 4 weeks. If not, you might consider getting it checked by a professional!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What does damaged hair look like?

Answer: Damaged hair can feel brittle and have a straw-like appearance. Moreover, they are more prone to breakage. And thus you can get split ends. Furthermore, your hair might also feel rough and dry. 

Question: How long does it take for melanocytes to regenerate?

Answer: It actually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to develop. But it takes about 12 to 13 weeks to complete the regeneration process. After that, the melanocyte will be generated.

Question: Can your hair turn white overnight?

Answer: No, that is not possible. Your hair won’t turn white overnight. Because your hair gets its pigment from melanin. And that can’t disappear overnight. Rather graying is a natural process that happens but slowly. 

Bottom Line

This brings us to the very end of our segment. So does this answer your burning question ‘why are the ends of my hair white’

And now for making it to our last segment here’s an added bonus. Besides doing all these methods of taking care of your hair, you should also cover it. You can use a scarf or a hat to do so. 

That is especially when you’re out and exposed to the sun. This is because the UV rays can also harm the color of your hair. Thus it can make it white.

Well, that was all from us. Have a wonderful day ahead, goodbye!

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