Why Do The Akatsuki Paint Their Nails? [Mystery Solved]

Generally, Akatsuki paints their nails to show their ferociousness. Also signify rebellion against established norms. As Akatsuki members are rebellious by nature. Though there are no official statements about it. There are some distinct nail art styles and patterns that the fans created based on the group. 

Today we will explain the reasons why Akatsuki paint their nails.

Key Takeaways

1. Reasons for Akatsuki nail painting.

3. Akatsuki fashion and nail aesthetics.

4. Akatsuki nail patterns.

5. Akatsuki nail art techniques.

6. Methods of Akatsuki-Style Paint On Nail.

Reasons for Akatsuki Nail Painting

The reason for the Akatsuki painting their nails is a mysterious topic among fans. While there is no exact reason behind it. Here are some possible reasons given below:

Reasons for Akatsuki Nail Painting

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1. Rebellion: Painted nails on guys might be interpreted as a gesture of cultural revolt. The members of Akatsuki are known for their rebellious tendencies. Painting their nails might be a means for them to display their uniqueness and nonconformity.

2. Identification: Another strong reason is that if anyone of their member dies. Then they can identify the body due to the nail polish.

3. Connection to the Gedo statue: Another reason is the nail paint, which stains the nails. It is synchronized to the Gedo statue through the rings.

4.  Identification of the organization: The nail polish might be used to identify the Akatsuki group.

Akatsuki’s Nail Colors And Character

Different members of Akatsuki wear different nail colors that signify their characteristics. Let’s see the 10 official members of Akatsuki and their characteristic nail colors. 

Character  Nail Colour
Pain (Tendo) Black
    Itachi  Dark Blue
Hidan  Dark Green
    Kakuzu  Black
Sasori Dark Sea Blue
Deidara   Dark Ash
Zetsu Purple
MadaraDeep Blue

There are a lot of guys who are fans of Akatsuki nowadays and also paint their nail blue.

Akatsuki Fashion And Nail Aesthetics & Patterns

The members of Akatsuki are well renowned for their distinct sense of fashion. Which also extends to their nail art aesthetics. Here are some facts about Akatsuki fashion and nail aesthetics:

1. Purple is the most popular color used on the nails of the Akatsuki members. However, other colors are also used.

2. Some fans believe that the members’ use of nail art signifies their individualism and disobedience to social conventions.

3. Although there are no official explanations for the significance of nail art or colors. But some fans speculate that they could symbolize the members’ personalities or skills.

4. Anime fans have adopted the Akatsuki nail painting fad, with some even publishing guides on how to replicate the nail art.

5. Black trousers, long cloaks with crimson clouds, and sandals are all part of the Akatsuki fashion look.

6. Additionally, to symbolize their defection from their town, the Akatsuki members wear headbands with a scratch across the emblem of their individual community.

7. The Akatsuki nail style appears to place more emphasis on overall color choice and meaning than individual patterns or motifs.

There are no fixed nail patterns among Akatsuki. But it is important to note that the Akatsuki nail aesthetics place more emphasis on color. Not on elaborate patterns. 

Akatsuki Nail Art Techniques

Fans have produced a variety of Akatsuki nail art styles, ranging from basic stripes to more detailed personalized patterns. These designs frequently include the organization’s characteristic colors and emblems to produce a distinct and identifiable appearance. 

Besides those styles, there are a lot of styles that exist that express their love for Akatsuki. Here are a few techniques given below:

Akatsuki Nail Art Techniques

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1. Stripes: Painting purple stripes on a background of black or another dark color is a common Akatsuki nail art technique. This pattern was influenced by the distinctive black cloaks with crimson clouds worn by the Akatsuki.

2. Symbols: Painting the organization’s logo. A red cloud with a line across it. Also over a dark-colored foundation is another Akatsuki nail art method. Without being overt, this design makes a subtle tribute to the Akatsuki.

3. Custom designs: Some Akatsuki fans have made unique nail art designs that feature the colors and emblems of each member. For instance, one fan made nail art using the dark green hue of Hidan. The Jashin sign as well as the black color of Kakuzu and the money symbol.

4. Gradient: Another Akatsuki nail painting method uses the organization’s colors to produce a gradient effect. A foundation color, such as black or dark blue, is painted on the nails for this pattern. Then purple nail polish is blended in toward the tips of the nails.

5. Decals: Decal or sticker designs with the organization’s or the members’ particular emblems are sometimes used in Akatsuki nail art designs. Intricate designs may be made by layering these decals over a foundation color.

Besides those techniques also many guys colored their nails with different colors. Also, many guys paint their nails green.


How to Paint Your Nails in Akatsuki Style

1. Remove your old nail polish very carefully and clean it with any antigens to prevent bacterial growth and infection.

2. Cut your nail very carefully to prevent them from breaking or snagging.

3. Now soak your nails in water. Do not use any hard chemicals or tools on your nails. As they can damage the nails and surrounding skin.

4. Moisturize your nails with lotion to prevent dryness and cracking.

5. Now apply the base coat and make it dry for a few minutes.

6. Apply your favorite Akatsuki art or design on your base coat.

How to Paint Your Nails in Akatsuki Style

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So after getting your nail done in Akatsuki style, you should maintain some precautions that can keep your nail healthy. So for the betterment of your nail follow the given advice.

1. Use nail strengtheners or supplements to grow healthy nails.

2. Avoid scrapping or hard gloves, it can damage your nail art.

3. Wear soft gloves for doing household work.

4. Always choose safe and non-toxic nail polish to avoid unexpected chemical exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Anime Characters Wear Nail Polish?

Most anime characters wear nail polish because of their fashion and distinctive appearance. Maybe the writer thinks those symbols look too cool.

Why Does Ninja Paint His Nails?

Ninjas paint their nails to prevent damage from cracking or breaking when they throw a punch or kick. Besides identifying their body when one member dies. Some fan also considers this as a uniqueness of ninja.

Why Do The Akatsuki Wear Rings?

The members use the rings to confine tail-bearing creatures inside the Gedo statue. Each participant is required to stand on the statue’s identical finger to the finger they are wearing the ring on. The statue’s finger would display the distinctive Kanji from its ring, signaling that the sealing process was ongoing.


So, now you know why your favorite Naruto clan Akatsuki paints their nails.

As there are many styles and colors in the Naruto fandom regarding Akatsuki’s style and fashion, pick one. Hope this article helped you to bust the myths regarding the nail color patterns of the infamous Akatsuki.

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