9 Mind Blowing Pattern Nail Designs

The summer season is just around the corner, and the list of things you can do or try out is immense. However, the challenge comes up in finding useful ways to make the most of your spare time, and try out new ideas the right way.

So, this guide takes a look at some 9 mind blowing pattern nail designs that you can try out.

These mind blowing nail designs are unique and you can try them out without having any technical skills. You just need the usual tools for nail applying nail designs and you should be good to go. Plus, with a little bit of patience and a steady hand, you should be an expert in a few days.

Let us a have an in-depth look at this guide:

1. Marble Nails Design

marble nails design

Top on this list would be this unique marble nail design, that involves two unique coats of paint for the best results. Plus, it also involves the use of silver stickers, and an LED light for curing the nails.

Start by applying the matte grey nail coat on the pinky, middle and index finger. Then, proceed to apply the marble coat on your remaining fingers, and let it cure.

2. Aztec Nails Design

aztec nails design

Next on this list would be this creative nail art design that involves the use of unique stencils and a light pink nail coat. The nail coat has a matte finish. For this design, only two nails will get the stencils, which are the middle and rings fingers.

However, the remaining nails get a clear coat of light pink.

3. Flower Nails Design

flower nails design

Expand your nail product application skills with this unique flow nails design. You will need a set of two stencil types, black nail polish and some dark cream nail polish coat.

Start by setting some acrylic nails over all your fingernails. Then, paint over them using the dark cream nail polish, and then let it dry. Once it’s complete, apply the striped stencil over the central section of your nails. Once you set the stencils, paint over them using some black nail polish. Complete this look with some white flower patterns.

4. Alien Monster Eye Nail Design

alien monster eye nail design

Also, unique on this list would be the monster eyes nail art design. Even if it looks complex, it’s easy to apply because you just need stencils and a steady hand.

You will start by setting some acrylics on your nail beds. Next, paint them over with a light purple paint coat. Once it’s complete, apply the nail stencils over each nail. Then, apply some light green nail polish over the stencils.

5.  Leopard Nails Design

leopard nails design

Take a look at this unique nail design, that involves the application of a unique light maroon nail coat, and leopard pattern finish. The first step in this process is to set some acrylics over your nails. You will have to apply a base coat on your pinky, index and thumb fingers.

The next step is to apply the light maroon nail coat over these nails. Then, apply the light maroon paint coat over them. Finally, complete this process by painting the middle and ring fingers with the leopard paint. However, ensure that you only paint the nails halfway through, and leave the remaining half empty.

6. Magical Lines Nails Design

magical lines nails design

Take a look at this unique criss cross nail art pattern and how appealing it can look. Well, applying it to your nails is a simple process. You will have to start with a black nail base first. Once it is dried, apply some gel nails over it.

However, ensure you place some white tape over it first. Then paint your nails in three different sections. Use some glitter, light blue and white to help you achieve your look.

7. Letter and Glitter Nails Design

letter and glitter nails design

When you want to play around with colours and still stay unique, try out this unique letter nails design. It involves applying a clear base nail coat on the first three fingers, starting from the pinky. For the middle and ring finger, you will complement the nail polish with a unique message that stands out.

Proceed to apply some nail glitter on your index finger, and thumb.

8. Sea Turtle Nails Design

sea turtle nails design

Aren’t sea turtles some of the most amazing animals in the world? Show your affection for one of the world’s famous animals with this unique nail art design.

The good thing is that you don’t need a base coat, but disinfect and some nail strengtheners. Then, apply some nail glue on your fingers, and then apply the white acrylics. Once the nails stick to the nail bed, set the turtle stencils on top of the acrylics.

9. Valentine’s Day Nails  Design

valentine's day nails design

Take a look at this appealing nail finish that involves playing around with a nail base coat, colour maroon and some white nail polish.

Start by applying the clear nail base polish to all of your nails. Then, proceed to apply a white base coat on your middle finger. However, the rest of your fingers will get a maroon nail coat.

To ensure it comes out appealing, put the nails under an LED light. For the middle finger, you will need a “Love Heart” shaped stencil. Apply some nail glue to the white nail, and then set the stencil.

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