Awards for Splendid Nail Art Designs 2023

Here at Nailrock, we often take time to scope out some of the best celebrity nail art designs. The list is endless in this category, and we often have to peruse through thousands of nail art designs. 

Whether it’s from the male rock stars, or female hip hop stars and even the traditional movie starts – nail art designs can be unique.

So, we have boiled down this large list, into a few simple designs we find attractive in 2023. You are going to be the awe of all your mates, when you can pull off any of the nail designs. And the best part is that we have all the useful details for you. So, let us get started

1. Joey King Pairing a Hypnotic Dress and Trip Nails AF

joey king

Joey King has shown us the best way to accessorize a hypnotic dress. Its with the best nail art design. She has managed to accessorize her look, and become one of the stand out individuals at the Golden Globes award on Sunday.

She paired her hypnotic look with an Iris Van Herpen gown. The notable thing about this look is the geometric appeal that it provides, and it’s bound to keep you under a spell. 

So, who really curated this nail art design? Well, it’s attributed to Thuy Nguyen, who made this look using Essie products. The nail coat involved the application of two nail coats. These were the Gossamer Garments Shade and Gel Couture Polish. 

Plus, Nguyen took a step further by using alternating white and black polishes. These polishes were the Blanc and Licorice paints. She did this strategically to produce concise line structures using a thin nail brush. 

To complement this look, she used the Essie Matte About You Coat. 

2. Ansel Elgort with White Nail Polish 

ansel elgort

If you came across Jenifer Lopez’s pearly white nail polish last year, you should have at least noticed some items she was wearing. Jennifer and her nail technician did a splendid job to complement this look with some jewelry. You even have the freedom of getting creative with the nail art designs.

It involves an appealing shade, which is exceptionally bright during the fall season. However, nail technicians and experts also mention that the design will increase in popularity, and become a major trend.

According to reports from, Jin Soon Choi, a senior manicurist, “If pure white works for the summer season, complementing it with some pearls will be good for when the seasons change.” She has the strong opinion that the pearl aspect introduces a sense of elegance to the nail structure. So, it becomes the perfect solution for welcoming the new season with a new nail design.

So, want to pull off this look using DIY? Well, the Korean artist Eunkyung Park recommended the use of a Non Wipe Top Gel and Some Metallic Powder on the top structure. 

3. Cynthia Erivo’s Oscars Nail Art

cynthia erivo’s oscars nail art

If there is something unique about Cynthia Erivo, it’s that she is always creative with nail art. She is a British entertainer, who continues to grace millions of TV screens worldwide. She notably wore some of the most appealing nail and jewelry designs to the Oscars recently.

The design consisted of pearl colored hair, and lush eyelashes, which complement her look exceptionally well. She was simply stunning on the red carpet! Furthermore, she also won the “Best Co-Writing and Performance for the “Stand up” movie.

Let’s get to the meat of this story – Cynthia Erivio’s Nails!

Gina Oh is responsible for curating this stunning look. To be specific, she uses the Chrisian Louboutin nail polish, which is already famous in the nail art industry. Furthermore, according to the brand, the design came from the famous “Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night” concept. 

The goal was to create a symbolic look that was similar to that of Harriet Tubman, which involved following the North Star to freedom. Furthermore, she also used some crystals on the right hand nails to help complement the look.

Tips for Pulling of The Best Nail Art Designs 

If celebrities can dream it, nail technicians can likely curate the designs. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to celebrity nail art. Usually, such designs include various details, colorings, designs and unique artwork.

Even if your contact list does not feature a nail artist, you can always use DIY techniques to achieve your goal. A few useful recommendations to get you started include:

  • Get creative – instead of copying someone’s idea, consider getting creative and come up with a unique variation of the same. You have many resources you can use to gain access to useful information.
  • Ensure you have the right regimen – you need the right tools before you can pool off any intricate look. A few of the things to get you started include nail glue, nail cutter set, nail disinfectant, acrylic nails and various other accessories.
  • Consult with nail technicians – you will benefit a lot by interacting with an experienced nail technician. Such a professional has the insight, training and experience to help you pull off these intricate nail art designs.
  • Expand your skill set – there are various resources you can use to boost your skills. Most of these are online courses and blogs that are easy to understand and fun. A few skills to consider include patterning, drawing, sketching, stencil use and various others.
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