Does Manic Panic Expire?- How to Know?

Hair dye is an evergreen way of changing your hair. With time, many brands have evolved and tried to make their formula better than the others. One of them is Manic Panic.

But with hair dyes, one concern is their expiry date. When the dye expires, it’s a hassle to buy the dye all over again.

So you’re wanting to know- does manic panic expire?

Well, yes. Manic panic expires when its shelf life is over. It can still be used after the expiration date. However, there are a few factors you need to consider before applying the expired product. Otherwise, it can cause severe damage to your hair.

We’ve described the factors and the shelf life briefly in the next segments. Keep reading to know that. 

What in The World is Manic Panic Expiration? 

Manic Panic is a hairline cosmetics producer company. It actually produces hair-dying products that include bleach, semi-permanent, and permanent hair dyes.

Now like all hair products, hair dyes do expire. Manic Panic is just the same. Their products do have a shelf life and an expiration date. It’s the last stage of the product’s life cycle. Because after that period, the product is officially unusable. 

However, the product lifeline doesn’t practically end at the expiration date. Because some products can still be usable.

We’ve discussed that matter in the next segment. So read on.

The Official Expiration Period of Manic Panic (as Per Regulations)

The official expiration date is 12 months from its opening date. It is recommended by the regulators and companies not to use it after the shelf life is over.

However, the product users have a different opinion on the matter. They believe that it won’t go bad immediately after the expiration date. So if you ask if Manic Panic expires, the answer is yes.

But does Manic Panic go bad after the official expiration date?

Well, no it stays good for a longer period than its mentioned shelf life. But that depends on a lot of factors like how you store the product. So you might have stored it in a damp place with direct sunlight. Chances are that the product might go bad even before the mentioned shelf life.

But we’ve got a separate section on how to store Manic Panic. So scroll to that section if that’s your query.

But before that why don’t you look if your product has lost its ability to work.

When Manic Panic Finally Loses Its Effectiveness?

Well, we mentioned that Manic Panic stays good for a longer time. It stays good more than the mentioned period. So you might have put your hair dye on the shelf and forgot about it.

Then after about 2 years, you found the product and are wondering if it’s fine to use. To reach that conclusion, you can check the following factors.

Steps to Check If The Color Has Expired or Not

The following steps are for you to follow to know if the dye is still usable or not. If you don’t see the following factors on your dye or bleach then it’s usable. So let’s have a look.

Step 1: Check If The Color has Changed

The first thing that changes if the dye starts to deteriorate is the color. Suppose you have bought a dark blue color for your hair. With time, the color will start to fade by one shade. For example, the dark blue color will eventually turn into light blue.

Sometimes the greenish colors turn to be sea green or yellowish. It’s mainly because when colors are made, generally, 2-3 pigments are used. Over time, one or two pigments lose their effectiveness and the color turns into something else.

Step 2: See If The Consistency Has Changed

The consistency of the dye is usually more of a thick liquid. This is because the manic panic formula is already mixed with the developer. That’s why you need to shake the bottle before using it. So shake the bottle well for a minute.

Then open the lid and see if there are any changes in the texture. Look if the liquid is kind of cloudy. Notice if the substances look separate from one another. That means the water and the color in the formula will get separated if it’s bad.

Then consider it unusable.

Step 3: Check If It’s Still Effective

If the above factors were proved okay, then do a patch test to be sure if it’s good to apply. Take a small about a 1-inch section of hair near the neckline. Then apply the hair dye or bleach on that area.

After that, wait for 45 minutes and wash off. See if the hair reflects the color. You should also check if that area has any irritations or not. If the color on your hair seems fine to you and there’s no irritation, you can apply the dye.

But in terms of bleach, do not do a patch test if the date has expired. It’s because bleach is already harmful to the hair so we don’t want further damages for you. 

If it’s Still Effective

After considering all the factors, it’s time to decide if it can still be used or not. If the color has lightened, you can still use it if you don’t mind a light color.

But if the consistency has changed it means the product has gone bad so don’t use it. The same goes for if you discovered having allergies or irritation from the patch test.

So what to do if the product is still effective?

Well, you can then just use it as normally as you would use Manic Panic. And follow the instructions mentioned on the note given by the company.

In case you’ve lost the instruction note, here’s your own guideline.

Step 1 of 3: Wash and Dry The Hair

First, you’ll need to wash the hair with a shampoo that’s deep cleansing. Then dry the hair using a hairdryer. But you won’t have to condition before drying the hair.

You need to dry the hair so that it remains highly porous. The hair also needs to be dry enough so that the product can stick to the hair. Because wet hair makes the formula less effective.

Step 2 of 3: Apply Manic Panic

Now apply the Manic Panic on your hair. Then comb the hair so that you can ensure that the color has been applied evenly to the hair.

Now wrap the hair with plastic wrap. And wait for 40-45 minutes. In the meantime, try to warm up the hair using a hairdryer. This will work as an absorption process. And it will make sure that the hair color is absorbed on the hair properly.

Because heat opens up the cuticles and can absorb more color on the hair strands. So heating is also important. But do not put the hairdryer in the warmest mode. Because then your hair will smell burnt similar to when you’re straightening

So the medium range of the hairdryer would be just fine. After drying, move to the next step.

Step 3 of 3: Rinse off The Color

Finally, rinse off the color using cold water. As you’ve already applied heat twice, it’s better if you towel-dry it this time.

But if you wish, you can use the hairdryer and style the hair as you like.

With that, the hair dying process using Manic Panic is done. 

If The Dye is Not Effective Anymore

But what if the product is not effective anymore? Well, you have to dispose of the Manic Panic. But it might also happen that you accidentally applied that on your hair.

After that,  you got to know that it had expired. So you’ll need to wash it off in that case. The details are mentioned in the upcoming segment.

What Happens if I Use Expired Manic Panic?

A lot can happen if you use expired Manic Panic. For starters, the hair can be completely damaged. It can turn out to be strawy and lifeless. This will lead to hair breakage and severe hair fall.

Expired bleach can even burn your hair and scalp. It will make the hair look dead. So it’s better not to use expired Manic Panic.

How to Washout Manic Panic?

Well, let’s say you’ve applied the expired hair dye on the hair. Now you’ve been panicking about it. But, don’t worry. You can wash off the hair dye by following our simple instructions.

First, wash the hair with cold water. Then mix ½ cup of white vinegar with ½ cup water. Pour that mixture into your colored hair. After that wait for 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, cover the hair with a shower cap. Rinse the hair again with normal water and hair dye remover.

If you’re thinking of buying dye remover, there are a lot of options. But we’ve mentioned the best ones below.

developlus color oops color remover

Developlus Color Oops Color Remover

l'oreal paris effasol color remover

L’Oreal Paris Effasol Color Remover

These should remove all the hair colors. But do not exceed the time of more than 20 minutes. If you do so, the hair will be extremely dry. You’ll have frizzy hair over the head for a couple of days.

Disposal of The Hair Dye

Well, you may want to dispose of your leftover expired Manic Panic. In that case, if that’s a hair dye you can mix it with water and drain it through the shower drain. And then you can throw away the washed container in the recycle bin.

But a lot of people feel guilty to dispose of the hair dye this way.  In the case of Manic Panic, it’s not a big deal. Because they try to avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible. But still, if you want to be on the safe side, here’s another solution.

You can put the leftover product in a disposal bag and then throw it in the trash. Dispose of the container as we mentioned earlier.

But remember that the product will have hazardous chemicals especially if it’s bleach. So don’t just throw it away in the garbage can.

Opened vs Unopened: Does Shelf Life Differ for Manic Panic?

Well, shelf life surely matters for both unopened and opened Manic Panic. So have a look at the next portion to know the time period correctly. 

Does Manic Panic Expire If Unopened?

Manic Panic does expire if unopened. As you know the expiration date, but that’s not the actual time it becomes unusable. So check the factors we’ve mentioned earlier if you wish to use them.

Does Manic Panic Expire after Opening? 

Yes, of course, Manic Panic does expire after opening. But the shelf-life remains safe if you store it in the same container provided by Manic Panic. But if you pour it in some other jar, the sooner you use it, the better it’s for the hair.

does manic panic expire after opening

Tips To Store Manic Panic for Better Longevity

Here are a few tips on how to store Manic panic. Hope you find these beneficial. Once you get to know the storing process, using Manic panic will be much easier.

When It’s Opened and Used

Now let’s say that you’ve poured the formula on a container or somewhere else. And then you’ve applied the Manic Panic. But there’s still a lot of product left, which is common for a lot of people. Because the product offers a good amount of dye so you may not need the whole of it.

In that case, store the leftover in an air-tight container. Then put it on the shelf. Then make sure to use that in the next 24-38 hours maximum.

But if you use it from the container that’s provided, you can store it on that. You can keep it till it officially expires.

When It’s Open but Unused

You may have just opened the bottle and haven’t used it. But the seal is broken and it’s not new anymore. So if you wish to store the unused product, just put it away from sunlight. It’s better if you place it in a dark place.

Some ideal places to store the product would be your vanity shelves. Or you can put it inside your wardrobe as well.

How to Store Unopened Hair Dye?

You can store the unopened and sealed hair dye just like you’d store the opened but unused hair dye. The procedure is mentioned in the above segment. Do read it if that’s what you’ve been looking for.

We’re done providing all the knowledge we have on Manic Panic expiration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I leave Manic Panic in for an hour?

Yes you can leave Manic Panic for an hour on the hair. But that’s not something we encourage. Because the product does its work within 45 minutes. But it won’t do harm if you extend the time a few more minutes.

Can you use an expired developer?

No you can’t use an expired developer. Because that’ll damage the hair strands. The developer is highly concentrated. If you do use it after expiration, it can cause hair fall.

How long does manic panic last?

Manic Panic lasts on your hair for 4-6 weeks. This is because the formula is mostly semi-permanent. However, this is also dependent on a few other factors.

Bottom Line

It’s the end of today’s article. And you got the answer to does manic panic expire by now. So let’s not stretch that any further.

If you have any queries, do let us know by commenting.


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