Dua Lipa’s Dye Hair Is Back- DIY Dye At Home

Dua Lipa’s latest hair color has been in the gossip since the Grammys award. Can you blame it? Dua Lipa’s dye hair is back and it’s easy to DIY dye at home.

Her newest hair look is elegant and no one can deny that. No wonder fans are trying to recreate her hairdo. But first, you’d need to achieve that perfect black hair color.

To get black hair like hers, you’d need a good hair dye. It’s best to use a permanent black hair dye from a well-known brand. You’d also have to know how to apply dye on your hair properly. 

But don’t you worry. Read along with us to get the perfect Dua Lipa style black hair.

Dua Lipa’s Latest Hair Color

Dua Lipa’s hair transformation has been quite a ride for her fandom. The artist has changed her hair color thrice till the beginning of quarantine. 

At this point, she has more hits with her hair colors. And her fans are absolutely loving it. 

Even just a few months ago we saw her rocking in black and blond. The artist has changed her hair color to black recently. 

In an Instagram post, she wrote about her interest in bringing back dark hair. A few days later she revealed her newly dyed black hair. She captioned it “Back by popular demand”.

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How To Dye Your Hair Like Dua Lipa’s?

Dyeing your hair like Dua Lipa’s isn’t a big problem anymore. Why? 

Because her recent hair color is so easy to achieve. You can literally DIY at home. People with black hair are already a step ahead. 

But if yours isn’t, just dye it black. You just have to follow these simple steps to dye your hair black.

Before we move on to the process, these are the components you’re gonna need-

  • Permanent natural black hair dye
  • A small sized bowl/container to mix the dye
  • A brush to apply hair dye
  • A towel
  • Vaseline

Got all of them? Then let’s begin!

Step-1: Mix The Hair Dye

A hair dye container comes with three tubes inside. One coloring cream, one developer, and a conditioner. 

It should also have a pair of gloves and a container for mixing products. In case yours doesn’t have one, use a small-sized bowl for mixing them.

Before starting, read the user manual properly as different brands may have different instructions. Now, wear the gloves and pour the developer into the container. Add the coloring cream too and mix both pastes properly.

Step-2: Preparations For Hair Dyeing

Section your hair into four equal parts as it helps with applying the dye. Start with parting your hair in the middle. Then make another two equal parts and clip them individually. Your hair should be dried and unwashed for the best result.

Now, take a towel and wrap it around your neck. Now, clip the towel to make it stay firm. It’s to protect your body from hair dye. 

Also, apply some vaseline near the hairline around your forehead and neck. Doing this will protect your skin from getting any dye stains. Once you’re done with this part, you can start dyeing your hair.

Step-3: Apply The Dye 

To begin dying your hair Keep one of the front hair sections open. Other sections should be clipped. Start applying the dye mixture from the roots. 

Massage the mixture to the hair gently. You can use a brush to apply the dye. But using your hand will be faster.

Apply the mixture from top to bottom. Brush the hair to make sure it’s properly mixing in the whole section. 

After you’re done with one section, twirl the hair and clip it back. Do these for all the other hair sections as well. 

After all the sections are done dyeing, unclip them. Now, massage all the hair for 1-2 minutes. Leave the dye on the hair for about 30 minutes. 

Step-4: Wash Your Hair

Now, you can remove all the vaseline from your neck and forehead. After the 30 minutes are over, wash your hair properly. Don’t forget to apply the conditioner after washing your hair. 

Once you’re done, blow-dry your hair. You can now enjoy your newly dyed shiny black hair.

And that’s it! Easy right? Now, you can recreate your hairstyle like Dua Lipa’s anytime.

More Infos Regarding Hair Dyeing That May Help

Do I Need To Bleach My Hair First Before Dyeing It Black?

No, you don’t need to beach it first to dye your hair black. It’s a misconception that you have to bleach hair before applying dark hair color.

Can You Dye Black Hair To Purple Without Bleaching It First?

Yes. no need to bleach it first. But make sure to read the user manual of the hair dye you’re using. Different brands may have different instructions for hair dyeing.

What’s The Difference Between Black And Jet-Black Hair Color?

Black hair colors mean black in general. Where’s jet black is the darkest shade of black. Not all brands of hair color make jet black hair dye. Only a few brands offer good jet black hair dye.

That was all about Dua Lipa’s dye hair is back- DIY Dye at Home. Thank you for being with us till the end of this article. Hopefully, now you can dye your hair at home like your favorite pop star.

See you next time!

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