The Nail Looks at Grammy 2023 were Unbelievable

Grammys are a great source of the latest trendy fashion looks. It’s not only the dresses or the accessories. Even the nail arts are not ignorable. 

We noticed the long-nail manicures are at the top of the trend. One thing is for sure that the nail looks at Grammy 2023 were unbelievable.

The colors, patterns, and designs all were unique and matched with the celebrity outfits. Pink, peach & Long-square-tipped nails were common in this year’s ceremony. 

There are a lot more trendy celebrity manicures to talk about. Stay tuned to catch them with us.

Grammys 2023 Best Nail Arts That You Don’t Wanna Miss

This year’s grammy gave us some iconic nail arts for sure. Here are the most eye-catchy nail arts you can not miss-

Billie Eilish’s Tigger Pattern Nails

Billie is well known to match her nail arts with her attires. This year’s grammy was no exception either. The singer wore a matching nail art that’s basically the extension of her outfit. 

Her manicure came with a pale peachy-pink base color just like her dress. Along with that came delicate lace patterning and black tiger illustration. Her manicure was done by Tammy Taylor and assisted by Rosario Flores.

But in case you didn’t know, Billie Eilish changed her manicure multiple times during the award ceremony. This is not a surprise as we constantly see her changing the nail paint.

Billie Eilish nails
Source: Allure

Dua Lipa’s Butterfly Nails

Dua Lipa has been constantly in the fashion talks since the Grammys 2023. Her new look with black hair and pink dresses were stunning. But that’s not all. She matched the manicure with her outfit which came out perfect just like her.

Many artists wore pink manicures at Grammys but not like Dua Lipa’s. Instead of using bright pink her nail artist Chaun Perth used bubblegum pink. The manicure came in french style with tiny butterflies at the top. Also, the metallic color border gave it an extra glazy effect.

dua lipa's butterfly nails
Source: O.P.I

Lizzo’s Retro Pink Nail

Presenting you another artist with a pink manicure who rocked the nail art. Lizzo wore a shimmering retro pale-pink nail manicure at the award ceremony. It came with three OPI shades with a shimmering effect. Her nail art for the ceremony was done by Eri Ishizu.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Palest Peach Nails

Megan Thee Stallion was one of the biggest winners in Grammys 2023. Not only in the sense of awards but also in fashion. She looked quite stunning in her orange ball gown with square-tipped super long nails. Her manicure was done by artist Cocoa Michelle. The manicure came with a shade of palest peach.

megan thee stallion palest peach nails
Source: Pitchfork

Beyonce’s Golden Nails On Gloves

Beyonce won her 28th Grammy award at the 2023 Grammys. Her appearance was for a short time. But it was enough to catch the attention of all. Her manicure has been in the talks since the award ceremony. 

Beyonce wore a black leather glove with gold fingernails attached outside. Now, that’s definitely a different style than others. It’s Beyonce after all!

Miranda Lambert’s Milky-White Nails 

Milky white nails have been in the trend since 2019 and are still ongoing. We spotted celebrity Miranda Lambert with her moderate-long nails painted in milky white color. It matched quite well with her sophisticated Armani beauty makeup. It completed her look at the Grammys with the silver and black outfit.

miranda lambert milky-white nails
Source: Allure

Harry Styles’s Multicolor Nails

Who says only ladies rocked the nail art at the Grammys? Have you seen Harry Styles’s manicure at the award ceremony? His nail art was definitely a hot topic in this year’s Grammys.

The artist wore a multicolor manicure that complemented his Gucci suit. The color variations were mint green, baby blue, chocolate brown, and black. The manicure was done by Britney Tokyo, an LA-based nail artist.

harry styles multicolor nails
Source: Pinterest

Doza Cat’s Neon Variation

Doza cat’s dramatic look at the Grammys was fabulous and fans loved it. Her manicure highlighted her dress color in the award ceremony. It’s consisted of light pale pink, nude black, and minty neon colors. The design came in tilted striped patterns in the middle.

So, which nail art did you like the most? I bet all are worth trying out.

More About Celebs Manicures Throughout The Grammy Night

We can’t present you with all celeb manicures from Grammys 2023. But we still can gather a few more Infos for you.

What Was Phoebe Bridgers’s Manicure Like at Grammys 2023?

Phoebe Bridgers wore a nude black manicure at Grammys 2023. It matched well with her skeleton-printed black and white dress. With all together came an excellent goth look.

What Was Noah Cyrus’s Manicure Like At Grammys 2023?

Noah Cyrus wore an off-white color manicure at the Grammys 2023. Her nails were square-tipped and extra long. The nail color was matched with her off-white gown. 

Was Taylor Swift’s Manicure Multicolored At Grammys 2023?

No, many thought her manicure was multicolored like her floral dress. However, her manicure was in metallic color that gave a silver and bronze glaze. The shimmer went just perfect with her overall look.

We’ve reached the end of today’s discussion. There’s no doubt that the nail looks at Grammy 2023 were unbelievable. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading about them.

Until next time!

Katharyn Riedel

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