How Often to Trim Relaxed Hair?-Answer Revealed!

You’ve gone through a lot of procedures to relax your hair. Finally, you’ve successfully done so. But still, there are issues left due to this new hair pattern. 

For example, you don’t know when is the right time to trim your hair. And you’ve been stressed over the trimming going wrong.

And you’re asking how often to trim relaxed hair?

You need to trim the hair in between 4-6 weeks if you have split ends. If not, then you can grow the hair for a longer period. And then trim your hair to improve the growth. In between, if you encounter problems like dry ends or thin ends, you can get a trim.

We’ve discussed these matters briefly later in the article. So stay with us till the end.  There’s a surprise tip at the end of our article. So keep reading.

Why Shouldn’t You Trim Relaxed Hair at Home?

First, let’s clear out your confusion on whether you can trim relaxed hair at home. Well, we don’t support that fully. Because relaxed hair is different from normal hair.

You’ve just applied chemicals or used heat to loosen up your curls permanently. And finally, they’ve become more or less how you wanted them to be.

But the procedure of making the hair relaxed wasn’t that good for the hair.

So it’s totally not the time to experiment with it any further. This is why we suggest not trim relaxed hair at home. And the reasons are mentioned below.

It’s Already Damaged

As we’ve already mentioned, the hair is already damaged. It’s mostly out of order. A lot of people have severe hair loss after the loosening up process.

All these chemicals just damage your hair, until it can’t bear any more. Slowly, it starts to change. So you can understand how damaged the relaxed hair is. So it needs proper professional guidance in terms of trimming.

This is why you shouldn’t try it yourself if the hair condition is that bad.

Still in Coping Up Stage

As the hair has changed its pattern, it’s most likely coping up with the new pattern. Because until now, the hair used to be different. But now it needs to be more manageable and easy to maintain.

So there’s a lot of pressure on the hair itself. As you’re applying products till now to keep the hair in the new shape. So sometimes the hair struggles with the new pattern. While the hair is coping up, you shouldn’t bother with trimming.

Prone to Breakage

Suppose your hair used to be 4c or 4d or anything other than the current type. But now it has a whole new hair pattern.

It’s mostly because you ironed it in the direction you wanted it to be. So the extreme heat made it change the pattern. Or hair products weighted down the hair to change. So over the last 2-3 months, your hair has gone through a lot of changes.

And it became more delicate. So it’s better not to introduce the wrong trimming method to the hair. Otherwise, the whole reason for having the new type of hair will go in vain.

And damaged hair is prone to break easily. Due to all of the loosening procedures, your hair might be at its worst. So damaged frizzy hair above the head is common. Your hair will tend to break halfway through growing.

That’s why it’s not ideal to trim it by yourself now. But that’s only if you’ve used chemicals and excessive heat to relax the hair. Because other than this, people also relax their hair by using natural ingredients.

If you’re one of them, there’s no problem if you trim by yourself.

How Often Should You Trim Relaxed Hair?- Answered!

You should trim your hair once every 4-6 weeks. Because at the end of the third week you’ll notice baby hairs popping up. And those hairs might not be of the current hair pattern.

So you’ll need to trim your hair in the 4th week. Do that if you’ve started seeing baby hair a week earlier. Once you trim, the new hair will be adjusted with your current hair.

Trimming it will let the hair grow faster and thicker. So it will reduce some of the damage made by chemicals and heat. 

So we’ve been saying that you shouldn’t trim your relaxed hair at home. Because trimming at the salon is the best you can do. But that’s only if you’ve used chemicals and excessive heat to relax the hair. Because other than this, people also relax their hair by using natural ingredients.

If you’re one of them, there’s no problem if you trim by yourself. But remember that we’ve already mentioned how often you should trim your hair. So make sure that you don’t do that excessively. You should let your hair grow a few inches before each trim. 

Only trim when necessary. You might want to grow your hair long. So excessive trimming would prevent that. But if you encounter split ends, dry ends, or thin ends, trim between 4 to 6 weeks.

So here’s a table for you to understand better.

Hair issuesWhen to trim
Split endsIn between 4 weeks
Dry endsOnly if dry ends show up (4-6 weeks approx)
Thin endsIn between 5-6 weeks
Gain hair length Every 3 months 

So you know when to trim your hair. Now let’s guide you on how to trim your relaxed hair at home.

How to Trim Relaxed Hair at Home?

To do that, you’ll need scissors and a water spray bottle. Slightly spray the hair to keep it moist. Now divide your hair into small sections. Keep one section loose at a time. And clip the other sections individually.

Before making the small sections, first, divide the whole hair in half. Then make the small sections. Now you may have split ends. And that might be the reason why you’re wanting to trim your hair.

In that case. See how far the split end goes. That could be 1-1.5 inches of your hair length. So after assessing that, now cut the hair from the first section. You can cut in a straight line.

Or you can cut it an angle. The choice is yours. But make sure that if you cut 1 inch from one section, then you’ll have to cut 1 inch from all the hair sections.

When you’re done trimming the hair, check if all the sections match with others. And see if the hair looks good and all split ends are cut off. If yes then you’re done here. If not then you’ll need a little touch-up. 

Just take the problematic section and trim again. Then balance it with other sections as well. And that’s it. 

How to Care for Relaxed Hair?-[Relaxed Hair Care Guide]

Taking care of relaxed hair is a must. We’ve already mentioned how crucial the condition of the hair is. So you need to take proper care of the hair. That’ll make sure that all of your hard work doesn’t go in vain.

For that, we’ve presented a proper care guideline. Check it out.  

Moisturize Your Hair

As we said earlier, the hair is damaged, so moisturizing is the best way to revive your hair. It’ll let you get rid of dry frizzy hair and the hair will become soft. Also, moisturized hair will have a healthier growth than dry hair.

How Often to Trim Relaxed Hair

There’s a lot of options when it comes to selecting a moisturizer for your hair. Some of the moisturizers are lightweight. 

So they won’t leave pressure on your hair as some of the chemicals did. But they’ll loosen up.

And your hair will look shiny and moisturized. Here’s a recommendation of hair moisturizers that professionals also suggest. It helps to lock moisture on the hair and reduce damage. So here are our suggestions.

tea tree hair and body moisturizer

Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer

tgin butter cream daily moisturizer for natural hair

tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair

So use these moisturizers on a regular basis on your hair. And you’ll fall in love with the hair.

However, you can use moisturizing hair oils and serums. Look for serums that contain avocado oil or argan oil. Or use the oil directly. That’ll help in restoring moisture. There are endless ways you can moisturize your hair!

Apply Hair Mask

Apart from regular moisturizing, you’ll need to use hair masks. Apply hair masks twice or thrice a week.

You can use store-bought hair masks. In that case, look for the hydrating and damage repair ones. There are a few brands that actually make hair masks from natural ingredients. So you can go for these options.

Or you can make your own hair masks, like honey and banana masks. Blend 1 banana with 3 tablespoons of honey. Then apply it to your hair. Leave it for 2 hours. Then rinse it off. And the hair will be hydrated.

You can also blend a whole avocado with 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Then apply it to the hair. Leave it for 2 hours. Then wash off normally. Your hair will become shiny and smooth. The avocado will help in repairing the damage.

Use Products Suitable for Relaxed Hair

Just like dry, combination, and oily hair, there are products for relaxed hair as well. Though the products weren’t much available earlier. But now hair specialists are moving towards products that’ll benefit relaxed hair.

These products will be your helping hand in managing relaxed hair. So you’ll just have to look for shampoo, conditioner, and masks that are suitable for relaxed hair. Then use them without hesitation.

And your hair will love how you treat it.

Avoid Over-Styling The Hair

One thing you need to be careful about is over-styling your relaxed hair. As it’s already damaged, you need to be careful. Because more heating or bleaching the hair will only worsen its condition.

So wait about 2-3 months before you try a new hair color. 

For hairstyling, use the minimum heat like 200 degrees. This way you can prevent further hair damage. But you won’t have to miss doing hairstyles. Because you can get a nice haircut. Or you can use hair extensions and style them. 

You can also use fake hair that’s been dyed already. This way, the actual hair will be protected. With proper hair trimming, you’ll have good-looking hair.

With this, we’re done with today’s topic. Hope you understood everything that we explained about trimming relaxed hair. But wait, before leaving, why don’t you check the bottom line?  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I shampoo relaxed hair?

You need to shampoo relaxed hair twice a week. And if you live in a polluted area and your hair feels greasy, then shampoo thrice a week. In that case, you dry shampoo and liquid shampoo twice a week.

How often should I condition my relaxed hair?

You need to condition your relaxed hair 4 times a week. If you’re deep conditioning then twice a week would be fine. It will help the hair to become more manageable and tidy. And the damaged look will be reduced.

Should I get a haircut on relaxed hair by myself?

We don’t recommend doing that. Because the hair is delicate to handle when it’s relaxed. As it’s already messed up, you won’t want any haircut mistakes here. But if you’re confident enough to cut by yourself then go for it.


So we’re done with this topic “how often to trim relaxed hair”. We hope that the time you spend reading it was worth it. And as you’ve been patient enough to read till now, here’s a bonus tip. 

You can mix equal amounts of coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil. Then warm up the oil mixture for 30 seconds in the microwave. Massage your hair with it once a week. Then you’ll see that the hair is being repaired.

If you face any difficulties, just let us know by commenting.


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