Why Is My Hair Turning Red? [Problem Solved]

why is my hair turning red

Hair plays a big part when it comes to looking beautiful. Thus, if your hair color changes suddenly, it’s quite worrying. However, it’s best to know the reasons. Because that’s how you can treat the problem as soon as possible.  So, it’s important to question yourself- why is my hair turning red? Firstly, the redness … Read more

Nexxus Emergencee Vs Aphogee: Which Protein Treatment Is Better?

nexxus emergencee vs aphogee

Protein treatments help weak hair become soft and strong. They also play a big role in straightening your hair. Thus, choosing the right one is crucial. Otherwise, your hair will get more damaged and weak.  So, what are the common dissimilarities between Nexxus emergencee vs aphogee?  Firstly, Emergencee is cheaper than ApHogee. Also, it’s easier … Read more