Foods That Can Increase Your Hair Growth

foods that can accelerate hair growth

“We are what we eat”- isn’t it what we grew up hearing? Well apparently, it is accurate. Our daily food intake contributes a lot to our hair growth. Eating well nourishes hair growth.  But do you know which foods help with hair growth?  These are the foods you’re already familiar with but probably don’t know. … Read more

Why Do My Sideburns Curl? [Case Solved]

why do my sideburns curl

Curly sideburns can literally ruin your hairstyle. Plus they can also make you look a little odd. Thus, it’s definitely a must to hide the curly sideburns.  But before that, look for answers regarding- why do my sideburns curl?  Well, it can get curly for several reasons. For example, growing out your sideburns can later … Read more