Black Mom Of Six Children Opens Nail Salon Again In Detroit

black mom

Despite the global epidemic, Ayanna Williams-Jones is a serial entrepreneur who is making changes in Detroit. The mother of six children is a nail shop owner, podcast host, and business consultant.  Her next ebook, Detroit Madam, will be released soon under her own publishing house. “My youngsters are the explanation I do the whole lot … Read more

5 Stunning Aurora Nail Designs Worth Your Time

stunning aurora nail designs

Inspired mostly by the mystical cultures of the world, aurora nail designs make up for an excellent way to get your nails looking good. However, pulling off this look is not easy when you don’t have the right information. Luckily, we take a look at upto 5 stunning aurora nail designs worthy of your time. … Read more

9 White French Tip Nails to Make You Stand Out

white french tip nails

French nails are a classic nail design. The most notable aspect about these nails would be the way they often involve a unique blend of colors. Plus, you can use different types of nail polish, designs, and techniques to make things look appealing. The best part about these nail designs is that you have to … Read more

9 Summer Acrylic Nail Patterns that are Impressive

summer acrylic nail patterns that are impressive

There is something appealing when you can apply patterns or designs the right way on your nails. When combined with an excellent layer of nail paint, your fingers are likely to make a good impression on your peers.  However, the challenge comes up in choosing the right designs and templates you can use. Plus, application … Read more