The Nail Looks at Grammy 2022 were Unbelievable

Billie Eilish nails

Grammys are a great source of the latest trendy fashion looks. It’s not only the dresses or the accessories. Even the nail arts are not ignorable.  We noticed the long-nail manicures are at the top of the trend. One thing is for sure that the nail looks at Grammy 2022 were unbelievable. The colors, patterns, … Read more

Why Are My Fingernails Turning Orange? Mystery Solved!

why are my fingernails turning orange

It’s normal to tense up after seeing your fingernails turning orange. But you have to find out the reasons behind this issue. Otherwise, you’ll be too late to treat the fingernails. So, ask yourself a question – why are my fingernails turning orange?  For starters, orange fingernails can appear due to fungal infection. Eating too … Read more