Mussed Layers Are The Biggest Hair Trend In 2023

mussed layers are dominating the trend charts

Layers have become the biggest trend in 2023. Yes, it’s reviving again. Even though you probably hated your overdone flicky and too choppy layers, it’s back in style.  Mussed refers to being messy. Interestingly, most of us already have layered hair, as it’s a part of almost any hairstyle except for bob.  For example, a … Read more

Why Are Some of My Hairs Thicker than Others? [Reasons Explained]

why are some of my hairs thicker than others

Having an uneven hair thickness is undoubtedly frustrating. Because you’ll have problems with styling and managing the hair. Thus, knowing the reasons and taking action soon is necessary.  So, why are some of my hairs thicker than others?  Firstly, hormonal Imbalance or genes cause the sudden thickness of some strands. Then weak hair follicles are … Read more