Why Are Some of My Hairs Thicker than Others? [Reasons Explained]

Having an uneven hair thickness is undoubtedly frustrating. Because you’ll have problems with styling and managing the hair. Thus, knowing the reasons and taking action soon is necessary. 

So, why are some of my hairs thicker than others

Firstly, hormonal Imbalance or genes cause the sudden thickness of some strands. Then weak hair follicles are also responsible. Next, brushing one part of your hair frequently also contributes to the problem. Moreover, it’s a super common issue for damaged hair. Lastly, sleeping with your hair down and poor diet are possible reasons too. 

Now, this isn’t all! We’ve discussed the topic further and provided solutions to help you out. 

Therefore, please take some time off and keep reading! 

Can Thin Hair Strands Get Thicker?

Hair is a big part of our physical appearance. Hence, some unusual change can get you really worried. But if you didn’t know, it’s possible to have some hair thinner than others. 

So, are you wondering- why is my hair strand thick and thin?

To be honest, there are 7 possible reasons behind your problem. But before getting into the details, we wanted to give you a preview- 

Reason Solution
GeneticsNo solution
Hormonal imbalanceCut off excess stress, do exercise, eat healthy, etc to bring back the balance of hormones
Weak hair folliclesApply oil, cleanse hair, eat healthy 
Over-brushing one part of the hairReduce the frequency of brushing 
Improper lifestyle and poor diet Sleep early but enough, improve the diet by including vitamins and minerals
Sleeping with hair downTie into loose bun, braid, or ponytail
Trichorrhexis NodosaDon’t use heating tools, moisturize your hair, eat healthy 

So, these are the reasons you have been looking for!

Why Are Some Strands of Hair Thicker than Others? 

Now, you’ve got the basic knowledge. So, let’s go over the detailed version of the factors. Plus we’ve also provided the solutions for every reason. 

Therefore, let’s start-

Genetics and Hormonal Imbalance 

The first one is pretty common for unusual changes. And that is- hormonal change or genes. 

Let’s start with genetics- 

Now, are you seeing a random thick strand of hair on your head?

Well, you can surely blame genes at first. Because according to scientists, the EDAR gene contributes to hair growth. 

It influences the development of our hair follicles. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in determining our hair thickness. 

So, at some point, if this gene goes through some changes, so will our hair. For example, you’ll see a thickness variant in the individual strands of your hair. You can use a mirror to understand the unevenness. Or you can just feel the difference in your hair strands. 

Plus after 2-3 months, you’ll also notice your hair isn’t growing much. It’s taking more time to grow now. This can happen to both men and women. 

Then hormonal imbalance comes into the picture. Now, in the case of both women and men- a change in hormones affects the growth and texture of hair. 

Moreover, pregnant women often see some parts of their hair turning thick during pregnancy. This also happens because of the hormonal imbalance. During this time, there’s an increase in the level of hormones. This results in less hair shedding, thick, and fast-growing hair. 

But after childbirth, their hair turns extremely knotty and can fall out. However, this one is debatable as not everyone goes through this problem.

man looking hair at mirror
Source: rte.ie

In the case of men, Dihydrotestosterone or DTH can cause the hair follicle to weaken. Hence, some strands of hair can get thin and later fall out. Also, another fact, this hormone imbalance is often the result of stress.


Now, there aren’t any effective ways to get out of this situation. Because genetics and hormonal change recover without you doing anything. But you won’t be able to determine when your hair gets back to a similar thickness. 

However, to bring the hormonal balance back, you can try out the following things- 

  • Reduce excess stress 
  • Eat healthy 
  • Start exercising daily
  • Drink 8-ounces of water regularly 
  • Keep your hair clean 
  • Don’t use chemicals like sulfate on your hair

This should gradually minimize the unusual thickness of some strands of hair. By the way, you can try out meditation for managing stress

Weak Hair Follicles 

weak hair follicles
Source: brightside.me

Now, another major reason behind uneven hair strand thickness is weak hair follicles. Because the hair follicles are directly related to hair growth and texture. 

If the follicles become weak, you’ll notice some hair strands becoming weak and thin. Hence, this will lead you to have thicker hair in some places and thinner hair in others. 

Furthermore, because of weak hair follicles, the thin hair strands will break off easily. Thus, this is a serious problem that needs quick treatment.


So, how to fix damaged hair follicles? 

Well, there are different medical treatments for weak hair follicles. But if you’re more curious about home remedies. Then here are some of our top picks- 

Firstly, apply oil to your scalp and hair. Warm up the oil and apply it to the scalp. Then cover your hair with a wet but warm towel. Leave it like this for 1-2 hours.

After that, cleanse your scalp with bentonite clay. To use it, take a glass of water and drop 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay in it. Mix it properly and pour the mixture on wet hair. Lastly, rinse your hair properly. This will prevent excess oil build-up. 

Next, weak hair follicles can be a result of vitamin and mineral deficiency as well. Hence, you’ll have to improve your diet. 

What vitamins can I take to thicken my hair? – you may ask! 

Well, you have to take- 

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E 
  • Zinc 
  • Selenium
  • Iron 
  • Niacin

These will surely boost your hair growth. You’ll see the evenness in your hair strands is back. Furthermore, along with these, prepare a well-balanced meal for yourself every day.

However, a point to note-

You should see a doctor before getting vitamins and mineral supplements. Otherwise, you might choose the wrong ones. Then end up worsening the situation.

Brushing One Part of Hair the Most 

You might wonder- why is my hair thicker in the back? 

Well, the reason is simple! You’re brushing the front part of your hair a lot. And you aren’t giving the hair that’s at the back much attention. 

Now, frequently brushing your hair can lead to dry and thin hair. Sometimes your hair strands can even break off. As a result, you’ll feel that you have more hair thickness at the back. 

thinner hair
Source: reddit.com


To stop the front hair from getting thinner-

You’ll have to reduce the rate of brushing and styling. It’s best to brush your hair thrice a day- after waking up, before shower, and sleeping. 

Now, for the hair strands that are already thin, it’s best to take extra care of them. You can try out thickening shampoo to even out the thickness of your hair.

Super Damaged Hair

Damaged hair means thin hair. And if some part of your hair isn’t damaged, those will feel thicker. Now, your hair can get damaged because of different reasons. For example- 

  • Heat styling 
  • Hard water 
  • Harsh bleaching product 
  • Shampoos with sulfate and parabens 

These are the main causes behind dry and damaged hair. By the way, hard water can cause your hair to turn red too. 


So, how to restore damaged hair? 

Firstly, you have to use moisturizing oil on your scalp. For that, you can follow the instructions stated in the “Weak Hair Follicles” section. 

Then to cleanse your hair and scalp, it’s best to use hair thickening shampoo. Thus, here are some of our suggestions- 

biolage advanced full density thickening shampoo

BIOLAGE Advanced Full Density Thickening Shampoo

old spice hair thickening bundle for men

Old Spice Hair Thickening Bundle For Men

Wash your hair with one of the shampoos at least thrice a week. Also, make sure to apply a deep moisturizing conditioner afterward. 

Poor Diet and Unhealthy Lifestyle

It shouldn’t be a surprise that poor diet and lifestyle can contribute to this problem too. Because as we’ve mentioned before-

Hair follicles start getting weak if you aren’t maintaining a balanced diet. Furthermore, staying up all night can also cause your scalp to feel irritated. 

This later results in abnormal hair growth and thickness. The hair might even stop growing sometimes. 


Now, how to maintain a balanced diet? 

We suggest keeping every type of nutrients present in your meal. For example, you have to consume protein 3-5 times a week. Moreover, it’s best to keep an egg included in your regular meal. This will help you to cover up the deficiency of vitamin D. 

Furthermore, eating veggies and fruits regularly will fill up the lack of vitamin A and iron quickly. Plus eating nuts will fulfill the need for vitamin E. 

Lastly, you should always remember the phrase- 

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Because sleeping early is super important for the health of your hair. 

Not Keeping Hair Protected while Sleeping 

Now, it’s mandatory to keep your hair protected while sleeping. Because during this time, your hair creates friction with your bed sheets or pillowcase. 

Hence, when you wake in the morning, you’ll see your hair in a messy state. So, when you start brushing your hair, you’ll struggle a lot. Your hair can get pulled while brushing as you’ll have knots present. This will stretch out the hair. As a result, your thick hair will turn thin. 

Thus, you’ll end up with some thicker strands of hair. Moreover, sleeping this way can even break the hair at the back.  Hence, you can have shorter hair in the back of your head


The best way to tackle this is loosely tying your hair before sleeping. You can tie it into a loose ponytail, braid, or even bun. 

Just don’t tightly tie the hair. Because this will lead you to the same conclusion as well. 

Trichorrhexis Nodosa

Now, the last reason can seem unfamiliar to you because of the difficult name. But don’t worry! 

We’ve cleared everything up on trichorrhexis nodosa. It’s one type of hair shaft defect. It can be identified by its symptoms which are- 

  • Thickening of hair 
  • Hair nodes 
  • Patchy hair 
  • Split ends
  • Hair loss 
  • Hair breaks off easily at the tip and close to your scalp
  • Hair tips turning whitish

So, along with some strands of your hair becoming thick, you’ll notice these changes. 

Now, this defect is mostly caused by heat styling, too much brushing, harsh chemicals, etc. This can also appear because of genetic reasons. 


What is the proper trichorrhexis nodosa treatment?

Well, there are some trichorrhexis nodosa home remedies. These are easy to try out and maintain later on. Plus they can really help your hair to recover.

Firstly, start applying moisturizing oil to the scalp and massage it. You can use coconut oil or even any essential oil. Then after cleansing your hair, use a conditioner and rinse it off properly. 

Next, applying a hair mask to your hair at least once a week can be beneficial. Also, instead of aggressively brushing your hair, use a soft bristle brush. Furthermore, don’t overbrush your hair. 2-3 times a day should be fine.

Lastly, stop using heating tools to style your hair regularly. Also, always avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair. And never go for permanent straightening with this type of hair. 

So, this is how you can naturally bring your hair back to its normal state. 

However, if the condition of the hair is too bad, ask for help from a doctor. For example, you can’t do much yourself if your hair keeps breaking. That’s why following the instructions given by a doctor is better. 

That’s how you can easily get rid of the uneven thickness in your hair! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is one strand of hair thicker than the rest?

This can occur because of different reasons. For example, hormonal imbalance or genes can cause this. Then an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can also make one random strand of your hair thicker than the others. Weak hair follicles and damaged hair are two other main factors behind thicker strands of hair.

Can thin hair become thick again?

Yup, thin hair can become thick. But it’s not always possible to make this happen. To grow thick hair naturally, you’ll have to include vitamins like A, D, E in your diet. Plus minerals such as zinc, selenium, iron are essential for healthy hair too. Then an improved hair care routine can easily turn thin hair into thick hair.

What products thicken hair?

Well, there are lots of hair products that work to make your hair thicker. These are mostly found in the form of shampoo, spray, oil, etc. These thickening products are made to give your hair a thicker and fuller look. Plus they also keep your hair follicles healthy and clean.

Take Away

That was a lot of info! Fortunately, we’ve run out of content related to why are some of my hairs thicker than others. But we hope you got your answer. 

By the way, uneven hair thickness can appear due to scalp conditions too. To resolve this, it’s best to call a dermatologist. 

Anyway, good luck treating your hair!! And don’t forget to let us know the results!! 

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